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Safeguard your precious brand equity

Always on-brand messages, no matter how local,

Learn how Brandgility enables your marketing to quickly adapt materials to meet local requirements without compromising brand standards.

Protecting the brand

A brand’s image is arguably it’s most important asset – you invest a huge amount in your brand, so protect it.  Your local marketers need to create material that works and sells the product, and they want to do it fast and easily, and you want them to stay within the brand guidelines.  These two needs can sometimes come into conflict.

Why protect the brand?

A brand invests in gorgeous key visuals for the brand and they should be used to the brand’s advantage.  You also need to protect the equity you have with your customers – they expect a certain standard from you and it benefits your brand if they know that they will see that standard in action no matter where in the world they interact with your brand.

How to help your users to work within brand standards

Create content for your users that allows them to make the choices that they need to make in their local markets but that will stay on brand.  A marketing tool that uses templates that have areas that can allow local marketers to adapt them to their local needs, such as translating a headline or adding a locally-themed image, but that also ensures the design complies with brand guidelines really works.

To support this have a range of content to support this adaptation while also staying on brand – in terms of quality, style, design, etc. – is also essential.  Then make sure that you share your brand guidelines and visual identity system as part of the digital asset management solution that stores your assets so that it’s easy to find when it’s needed.

How to prepare to use the platform

If you’re using a marketing platform that enables your users to adapt content you’ll need to work with your agencies to design content that is ready to be used with adaptation.  This can mean thinking about content almost like animation because it can change and be more fluid than standard static content.  Also, make sure that your brand VIS is up to date and works for all of the occasions that your content might be needed for.

And finally, create both content and imagery that will work when adapted – ensure that headlines have room for translations and that images are proportional to each other so that when they’re switched out they still work together.


If you get this right the benefits will be well worth it.

Your markets will all have great-looking assets that are perfectly on brand, you’ll have users doing exactly what they know that they need to do with their local knowledge but without breaking the brand rules, your users will be able to get perfectly localized content into the market faster and it will give your consumers the experience that they expect from your brand.


If you want to protect your brand equity it’s essential that you have a plan and tools to do that task, as your marketers will have a need and they’ll find a way.  They’ll use the easiest way to get what they want, and a tool that is designed to meet those needs quickly and effectively will get both of you what you need quickly.