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Award-winning cloud-based templating platform for the customization of marketing materials

Protect your brand by turning your existing marketing material into intelligent templates, with built-in real time brand standards and legal compliance.

Easy-to-use. In moments, users of any skillset can produce ready-to-use print and digital output for any application.

Lower costs by delivering customized marketing materials in record time with up to 90% savings.

Increase sales by letting users create locally-relevant versions of centrally created content.


Used by 3 of the top 5
leading national advertisers*

*US AdAge

Marketing content grows revenue. That’s why we do it.

Marketing content that’s engaging and locally-relevant grows sales even more.  Enable your field teams to adapt your amazing global content for local markets without sacrificing brand identity, and you’ll reap the rewards.

Brandgility is an award-winning SaaS platform that uses modern, state-of-the-art technology to deliver the most powerful, yet easy to use, multi-channel templating capability available in the market today. Brandgility – Content adaptation solved.

Flexible Templates

From Business cards to multi-layout weekly flyers that can flex to accommodate hundreds of layout options in one template.

Brand Control

Ensure on-brand content by restricting use to only the logos, fonts and colors that you make available.

Dynamic Scaling

Click and Drag to let your design flow into any size and shape you need, while maintaining your design rules.

Campaign Kitting

Make a change to one item and watch it flow through the entire kit of items to make creating a whole campaign a breeze.

Simply Smart Logic

Logic makes it easy to have rules that connect the dots on your content, ensuring that when X happens, Z also happens.


From French to Thai to Mandarin, all the world’s languages are supported.

Collaboration Platform

Easily share templates between team members, using intuitive sharing options, controls, and approval workflows.

Mobile App

An easy-to-use mobile app allows teams to work wherever they are, online or offline.

Easy Build

New templates are as easy to build as creating a slide deck, requiring no special tools or technical skills.


From an intuitive interface that doesn’t require training, to smart search that makes findability a breeze.

DAM/PIM Integration

No matter where an asset or information is stored it can seamlessly work in the platform.

Adobe Creative Cloud Integration

Effortlessly move between your current design tools and the platform using nothing but a simple plug-in.


Easily add users using the single sign on to create accounts exactly when they are needed

Each user has their own history of orders so that they can track and reorder

Reports on user activity help system admins to understand system usage


From system admin to end user, easily give exactly the right control to your team

Roles simplify user control for different user types

Roles are easy to assign to users


Fine-grained permissions ensure that everyone gets to see and use exactly the right content for their location and role

Permissions are easy to assign to either users or roles

Permissions safeguard the system, allowing users to complete their tasks in a straightforward way


Metadata makes content searchable and findable

Add, edit, and update all the data that makes your content useable and findable

100% flexible and customizable

Create new content types or tags for search

Create fields that relate to each asset and that can be used during customization

Access Control

Control access by brand or by location or by business unit or any other segment

Ensure that the right content gets to the right people at the right time

Ensure that only correctly licensed assets are used in markets

Create trusted groups for early access or testing


Content is classified by types and by metadata tags

Search is intuitive and natural

Searches can be run against multiple criteria, such as brand and size


The UI has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use

The UX is friendly and follows the logical path of task performance

The design concept for both is to make this platform be the easiest way to get the work done


Attributes are text or image elements that work with an asset, such as pricing information attached to a certain product

Very powerful and flexible way to connect items to make it easy for error-free use

If This, Then That

Intelligent rule-based actions ensure that brand and legal compliance are in place

Clever rules that allow connection between items – if the blue logo, change the accent color to blue everywhere else, or if the product contains nuts, add a warning to the footer

Protects from legal compliance issues

Ensures brand standards