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“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration

Thomas Edison

Matt Schelin

Chief Customer Success Officer

Matt Schelin joined Elateral in 2012 as an Account Director before becoming Vice President of Account Management. Matt has a passion for creating multi-channel marketing programs that empower organizations, which he developed during a career of account management and leadership in the marketing industry.

Day to day responsibility

Day to day, Matt runs the Customer Success teams that ensure that our clients get the ROI that they are expecting from the platform. He connects directly with clients to plan and strategize, as well as working with the teams that handle their day to day needs.

Career History

Matt has progressed his career while working at Elateral, moving from Account Director to Senior Account Director to Vice President of Account Management before this latest change in role. Matt has a lot of experience as an Account Director in the Chicago area, working at companies like G2 Worldwide, TPN and Leo Burnett.