Financial Services

Major financial services brand ensures compliance and brand standards using Brandgility.

The Challenge

This well-known financial services company has a large team of wealth and financial management experts who need to create the perfect materials to support their clients, so providing the team with the perfect assets in a cost-effective way was a key task for the marketing team.

Cost-Effective Legal Compliance

For this brand, an additional challenge is to provide their consultants with great content that is flexible enough to be customized for each specific customer or team, but that complies with the legal requirements in the financial industry.

The brand’s team of experts come in all shapes and sizes – from single operators to entire offices. Creating content that would be great to use no matter what the team structure was essential. Much of the content was also required to be in different sizes, for example for magazine ads that are often not standard sizes, so the marketing team needed to make sure that the content worked perfectly no matter what size the final output was.

And, of course, being in the financial services industry comes with a lot of rules, so they also needed to ensure that their experts could customize the content to meet their needs, but still be compliant with legal requirements for the industry.

The Solution

Elateral worked with this brand to design content with multiple layouts so that each team could pick the one that represented their team the best. This meant, for example, that they could pick a layout that had just the one name and address or another that supported multiple experts or a whole team.

Most of these templates were created as elastic scaling templates, which means that not only could the team customize the content as much as they needed to, but they could also change their shape and size, and the content would flow perfectly to adjust to the new dimensions. To support this kind of scaling, the brand offered their users a wide range of imagery that was stored in Brandgility DAM, along with the ability to upload their own images at the time of customization, such as headshots or team photos.

To ensure that the templates always looked perfect when they were used, Brandgility worked with the designers to identify “hotspots” on the images that made sure that the main focus of the image was always perfectly positioned, no matter what size image box it was in.

And, finally, with all of these scaling documents, there was a need to ensure that the legal text met the legal requirements – in size and content. Brandgility and the marketing team worked to set rules so that whatever size the document the legal text was always meeting the legal requirement, without the end user needing to adjust it themselves. The legal text was also stored separately from the document, in Brandgility’s text database called Content Warehouse, so that if it needed to be updated it would automatically flow through into every template that was used after the update.

The Result

The brand’s financial services experts have one place where they can get all of their marketing materials instantly, customize them to perfectly meet the needs of their specific team and customer, while knowing that they are automatically complying with the legal requirements and keeping both the brand and the financial services experts on the right side of their industry regulations.

Brandgility's Benefits


Layout Customization

The ability to support multiple layout options within a single template.

Dynamic Scaling

Dynamic Scaling

Scale your content to produce a variety of size outputs from a single artwork file.


Centrally Managed

Seamlessly manage legal compliance requirements with no end-user impact.