Marketing: How to solve the time to market problem?

Marketing: Solving the time to market problem.

Time to market is key

When rolling out a large-scale marketing campaign, time to market is key. Companies can plan out their every move, and try to make sure they are ready for anything. However, in the quickly shifting environment that is modern marketing, this is not always possible. Situations can change, and new opportunities can become available at any time, and these do not always fit with the plan you had in mind. One thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is that the ability to respond to unforeseen circumstances is extremely important, and how well you can do this depends on the tools you have available.

To be as effective as possible, brands need to be flexible in their ability to produce and adapt promotional material to take advantage of any time-limited openings in the market. To be as impactful and efficient as possible, how quickly materials can be produced is paramount.

So, how does Brandgility ensure marketing material makes it out there in the shortest amount of time, while guaranteeing quality and consistency?

A well equipped team works more efficiently

To solve this problem, you need a platform that allows for the creation of templates, which can then be adapted by people in the field. This, however, presents two main issues. Firstly do the people in the field have the technical skill to make quality content? Secondly, how do you ensure this content will be in keeping with the overall vision for the brand and campaign?

Brandgility has a very easy to use interface, which requires about as much design skill as editing a word document. Templates can be created by the main design team in one central location, which the teams in local markets can access and adapt as needed. This is advantageous as it means that the teams who are localising material for specific demographics do not need to include anyone with any particular design skill, or knowledge of how to use programs such as InDesign. It also leaves more time for the local teams to do the important stuff, and not mess around making slight changes to their marketing material. 

Additionally, because the templates are created and controlled by the central design team, the people in the field can only change what they are allowed to change, and can only use approved images, fonts, and logos. This ensures that, while they can create content that fits their local market, it will still be consistent with the branded material company wide.

Accelerate the approval process

Another way in which the platform cuts down the time needed to create marketing materials is through its approval process. One thing that slows down your speed to market is the need for each piece of material to be checked by HQ. This involves local teams and central management sharing files back and forth, and while there are a lot of easy ways to do this these days, Brandgility cuts out the need for sharing files all together. Headquarters can access the platform, and approve the adaptations local teams have made directly, allowing the order to progress on to production.

Brandgility is your essential toolkit for accelerating time to market and getting the most out of media and messaging opportunities. To discover how you can get the benefits of smart templating, take a look at the Brandgility platform today.

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