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When you work in Digital Asset Management (DAM), your digital assets become like your children. You want to make sure they present themselves well in every situation, associate only with the right marketing assets, have all their credentials, have the best nicknames, and are properly cared for in marketing collateral.

But what happens when those assets leave your DAM?

Too often, they get into marketing mischief.

  • They become part of renegade marketing content.
  • They mix with the wrong assets.
  • They change their appearance.

DAM assets might even end up in PowerPoint; hardly recognizable as the content you sourced, housed, and cared for.

In short, once your thoughtfully curated, classified, nurtured and cared for DAM children leave the DAM, you might not recognize them when you see them in marketing collateral.

And because they’ve left your care, you can’t stop any of it.

The Complete Control Approach

Some companies have had enough. They try to protect their DAM children and brand message through centralized control of all marketing collateral. If someone in the field needs marketing collateral, they order it from corporate. If they need custom marketing collateral, they request it through corporate. 

On its surface, complete control of marketing collateral seems the best way to protect DAM assets and the brand message. But the field has other ideas. Since central control often has a slow and tedious request process, the field finds ways to produce renegade marketing collateral.

Another problem with the complete control approach is that your marketing collateral is being created and customized furthest from the prospects and customers it’s meant to influence. The field personnel closest to their market, account and clients have only limited input into the final collateral. Your marketing collateral becomes less effective than it would be with more local influence.

Complete control is an imperfect solution.

The Freedom within a Framework Approach

You can protect your DAM children when they leave your DAM by extending similar controls to your marketing collateral that you have for your DAM content.

Imagine a system that lets anyone customize your marketing collateral. No design skills required. 

Sounds frightening, but it’s not. There’s a catch to permitting collateral customization in the field that protects your DAM children and ensures consistent, on message branded marketing collateral.

In a freedom within a framework approach, every customization option has been pre-approved by your keepers of brand guidance. The options available use only authorized DAM assets, your fonts, your copy, your color codes, and approved layouts. When someone in the field wants to support a local partner event, the collateral they customize and distribute is produced quickly, easily and brand message safe. Your users have freedom within a framework.

The freedom within a framework process is as easy as selecting a relevant poster template from several options. That template is designed to let users select the approved logo of their local partner from your DAM. That partner logo and any other selections offered in the template are displayed consistent with your brand guidelines. They can add information about the event they are sponsoring and add an approved and fully licensed background image from your DAM. Then they can print locally for distribution.

Your DAM children are now safely used by the field to contribute to sales growth and never misbehave.

Your field is empowered, within your framework, to use what they know about their market, account and clients to create more relevant and effective marketing collateral.

Your designers are no longer editors. They can return to skilled design work and deliver ever better marketing collateral and customizable templates for field use.

A freedom within a frameworks approach to marketing collateral customization lets you be a proud DAM parent. Never again disappointed by how your DAM children look in any marketing collateral.

Wherever you have field teams, reps, agent or partners who need customized versions of your marketing collateral, a freedom within a framework approach is the most efficient way to get produce the most customer relevant content while protecting your brand message. It leverages your digitized DAM assets but uses a framework to enforce the usage rules of your brand guidance in every piece of marketing collateral.

To see freedom within a framework in action, request a demo and we can discuss how to make you a proud DAM parent.

John Hennessy
Chief Revenue Officer, Elateral

Tech Stack 2020


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