How to Increase Campaign Consistency with the Help of Kitting

Increase Campaign Consistency with Kitting

It can be very time consuming and expensive for brands to create marketing materials for their campaign on a large scale, especially if these need to be adapted or localized. It is important to keep the aesthetic consistent, so if changes need to be made to one aspect of the campaign, it requires your team to edit each piece of material individually.

However, with Brandgility’s Kitting feature, this process can become much more efficient.

What is Kitting?

Kitting is a feature of the Brandgility platform that allows you to edit multiple assets, or all your assets, at once. After the initial templates are set up within Brandgility, they can be added to a ‘kit’. This links them together, and any customizations made to one of the materials is automatically applied to all the other items in the kit. For example, if you decided to change the colour scheme of your campaign, or wanted to update to the company’s new logo, you would only need to make that edit in one place.

Campaign Consistency

One of the ways in which this feature will benefit your marketing creation process is by ensuring your whole campaign is consistent. If you are having to edit a new logo on to multiple pieces of marketing material individually, it is possible that one will be forgotten or missed, or other mistakes made. This will compromise the effectiveness of the campaign, and those materials will have to be reprinted, adding to your costs.

However, if you are using Brandgility, the platform will make ensure that changes are applied to all items within the kit, eliminating the possibility that one or more pieces do not fit the overall aesthetic. The platform also includes an intelligent auto-fitting feature which ensures that text applied to all pieces is always sized appropriately to each individual piece without compromising the content or message.

Another advantage of this is that it can be used to quickly pivot the message of the campaign, if it is decided that it needs to go in a different direction, or to respond to unforeseen circumstances, many instances of which we have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Save Time & Resources

Brandgility’s Kitting feature will also go a long way to saving you time and resources when creating branded content. If changes need to be made to a key element of the campaign, this would usually require the marketing team to edit each piece of content individually, consuming a lot of time and resources, driving up the marketing costs of the campaign.

Kitting can also allow you to create subsets of campaign items for A/B testing without the need for any additional time costs. It can also help save on agency costs, as if the campaign needs to be changed to fit a local market, all the materials can be edited at once. Additionally, kits can be a mixture of both print and digital, and the platform will make sure these are all formatted properly.

Kitting & Social Media

If you’ve ever produced a campaign for use across multiple social media channels you will appreciate the problem that is social media sizes. Every social platform has its own size format that you must adhere to and in some cases, such as Facebook, there are multiple sizes to create; feed posts, ads, mobile feed, stories, page headers, carousels… the list goes on.

Yes, there are lots of free cheat sheets out there that list the latest sizes, but what if you could ditch the cheatsheets and stop the repeated re-creation of designs in various sizes?

Kitting with Brandgility can alleviate this problem. Allowing your local teams and franchisees to adapt designs across multiple different social media sizes in one quick and easy process. Providing you with a consistent campaign across all social platforms and accounts.

Your designs can be output directly to cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, so your files are readily available when you or your team want to publish or schedule them.

If you would like to find out more about how Kitting could benefit your marketing strategy, get in touch with us.


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