What benefits can your brand gain from automated content distribution?

Automated Content Distribution

The marketing landscape is more complex than ever before, as brands are able to communicate to consumers through an ever-growing number of channels and devices. This offers great potential for reaching new audiences, but it can make launching and running a smooth campaign extremely challenging.

To simplify multichannel marketing, many leading brands are turning to technology – particularly automated content distribution tools. However, with several solutions available to the market, it’s important to choose the platform that will best fit your company’s needs, and empower your marketing teams to launch campaigns that drive ROI.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits your brand can gain from automated content distribution, and what functionality you should be looking for in the right solution.

Benefit 1 – technology makes it easier to personalize and localize content

One common problem international brands struggle with is making sure your campaign works in every market, at the same time as having a consistent global look, feel and message.

The key to achieving this is enabling regional marketing teams to localize marketing collateral in a controlled manner, within your brand guidelines. An automated content distribution platform can help you achieve this.

Look for a solution that enables your head office team to create and share core templates for each project – a ‘campaign kit’. Within this kit, each asset should have sections that can be translated or adapted by local marketing teams, without the collateral needing to be reworked from scratch.

Additionally, make sure the platform you choose enables regional teams and agencies to upload their adapted content for central approval, so your head office team can ensure that everything going to market is brand compliant.

Benefit 2 – automation speeds up working processes

Brands tend to work with multiple marketing teams and agencies, which results in a lot of time going into the briefing, checking and approving work – time that could be spent on more valuable activities

An automated content distribution solution can enable your various teams to work more efficiently, by driving all communications through a central, digital platform.

Seek out a solution that makes it easy for the head office to give instructions, share materials and guidelines, and keep track of how the campaign is developing in each market.

With a good global brand deployment platform, your senior team should also be able to create user groups, tailoring what content each user can see. This way, local teams and agencies don’t waste time getting involved in conversations that aren’t relevant to them.

Benefit 3 – marketing technology enables greater campaign scalability

As brands grow, it becomes harder to launch coherent marketing campaigns across every region; a lot can go wrong if you try to manage these manually.

The right content distribution technology can enable greater scalability for your marketing campaigns. Make sure any platform you are considering has an easy way to add new stakeholders to a campaign and share communications, whether you are adding a single user, rolling the campaign out into a new country, or onboarding a new local agency.

Benefit 4 – the right platform can consolidate your marketing software

At the beginning of this blog, we discussed how technology is being used by brands to make marketing more efficient. However, if you’re using multiple systems and software to run your campaigns, it can have the opposite effect.

Therefore, you need to look for a global brand deployment platform that meets your complete needs in all regions right now, and can also grow with your business – rather than bolting together multiple solutions to do the job.

This means not only understanding exactly what the technology can do, but who will be using it within your organization, and what they hope to achieve.

Benefit 5 – better control over marketing expertise at a local level

In addition to improving communications with local agencies, automated content distribution technologies are also extremely useful for brands that do not have an extensive marketing team in each territory.

Look for a solution that makes it easy for your central marketing team to package up collateral for regional distribution, so local marketers or agencies just have to set it to live.

Time for technology to help you to enhance the customer experience

Ultimately, a global brand cannot be successful if your customer experience is inconsistent. Yet, as we have discussed, it’s easy for marketing campaigns to fluctuate when they are being executed across multiple channels and markets.

With automated content distribution technology in place, your brand can get rid of those inconsistencies, and make it quicker and easier to launch cohesive global campaigns.

Experience the benefits of automated content distribution with Brandgility

Leading brands all over the world are already running more consistent, effective marketing campaigns, tailored to their customers in each region, using Elateral’s Brandgility platform.

Brandgility controls what content each user can access, sets up approval workflows, and stops the incorrect use of assets, to make launching global brand campaigns easier than ever before.

To see first-hand how Brandgility can improve your marketing campaigns, book a free product demonstration


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