How to adapt multiple marketing assets all at once

Edit multiple marketing assets all at once

For most marketing and advertising campaigns, the aesthetics, message, and imagery are generally maintained throughout all media channels and formats. So what happens when that aesthetic or message needs to be localized, adapted or changed?

One of the more time-consuming and costly tasks in marketing production is adaptation of all the various shapes and sizes of both print and digital outputs.

If you deal with digital marketing, this could be creating all the different social media and display banner sizes. If you’re dealing with print production, this could be creating a variety of print media sizes, packaging types, or point-of-sale materials.

What if you could adapt multiple assets all at once?

Introducing Elateral’s patented multi-template kit system, we call it ‘Kitting’ for short. After initial template designs are set up in the Brandgility, each one can be added to a ‘kit’ to enable quick and easy adaptation of all the assets at once.

This short video ( < 1 min) shows kitting in action.

Customizations such as offers, location or contact details, hero images, and much more can be applied simultaneously across all kit items in minutes.

This multi-template kit system and process are patent protected and only available from Elateral. 

How to adapt multiple marketing assets with Brandgility:

Open your campaign

Screenshot: Opening the Campaign

Within Brandgility, navigate to and open the campaign you wish to use. Campaigns have an ‘Open’ button where the Pencil icon is normally positioned on individual templates.

Add items to your kit

Screenshot: Adding items to the kit

Click the + button on each of the items you want to add to your kit, adding individual items multiple times, if necessary.

Open the customization panel and make your changes

Screenshot: Customizing the kit items

Click the pencil icon on one of the assets in your kit (left-hand pane.) Go through the customization questions (right-hand pane), ensuring that the ‘Edit All’ toggle below each question is set to ‘Yes’. You will see your changes replicated across all the items you have in your kit as work.

Change any individual items, if required

(Optional) If you wish to customize any item in your kit individually: click the pencil icon on the particular item, change the relevant ‘Edit All’ toggle(s) to ‘No’. Now, any changes you make will only affect the individual item you are woking on.

It’s that simple!

Could Brandgility’s Kitting System benefit your business?

  • Internal marketing teams can save time on campaign adaptation.
  • Save on agency costs involved in localizing campaigns.
  • Quickly and easily create a subset of campaign items for A/B testing without additional time and cost.
  • Quickly pivot your campaign message at short notice to account for unforeseen events and circumstances. 
  • Produce entire social media campaigns for all channels in the various sizes required, quickly and easily.

If you aren’t using Brandgility yet and want to find out more about how Kitting could benefit your business in time and cost savings, request a personalized demo using the form below, and a member of the team will be in touch.

If you are an existing Brandgility customer, and want to use this feature, talk to your customer success manager about how you can get the most out of Kitting.


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