Adapt and Localize Your Animated Online Content.

Animation and Animated Online Content

Elateral is excited to announce a new feature.

Animated content adaptation is now available in our Brandgility platform. 

Customers can now adapt animated content such as web banners, digital screen displays, social media posts, and more. Animated templates can even be included in campaign kits using our patented multi-edit kitting functionality.

Are animated outputs still relevant?

Moving content attracts people’s attention better than a static block of text. This is due to because of a human’s natural preference for color and movement. 

With all the top social media platforms and advertising networks now supporting animated gifs and videos, if you’re not already embracing these formats, you need to start now. These types of posts on social media sites are known to get as much as 59%* more engagement, often outperforming static photo posts by up to 73%*.   (*Source: BuzzSumo, 2019)

The ability to easily localize and adapt animated content without needing to return to the agency or designer can dramatically reduce your costs in a variety of areas. Localize materials for your various markets or audiences. A/B test your ads with ease, adapting what works well quickly and easily. Did COVID-19 put a dent in your marketing strategy? With Brandgility you can pivot your campaigns at any time, or entirely repurpose materials at short notice to address unexpected circumstances.

New Formats Available

  • Animated GIF
  • MP4

Suggested Uses

  • Web Banner Ads
  • Digital Displays
  • Social Media
    • Instagram Stories, Posts & Ads
    • Animated Pins for Pinterest
    • Facebook Stories, Posts & Ads

Find out how Brandgility can work for your brand.

If increasing consumer engagement is high-priority in your marketing strategy, then outputting locally-relevant, animated content fast is something we can help you with. Request a demo today and see how Brandgility’s animation feature can speed-up your marketing production and expand your social media following.


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