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A self-service SaaS platform that empowers a brand’s field marketers to produce and deploy local versions of a centrally created campaign, using the fastest and easiest templating platform available today – at dramatically lower costs and greater speed-to-market.

Brandgility takes your existing content and turns it into templates that allow distributed field marketers to self-serve content localization and adaptation.  Local marketers have excellent local knowledge of how to make content resonate for specific regions, and brands have amazing content to help make that happen.  Brandgility bridges that gap and allows brands to enable local marketers to adapt content within guidelines, resulting in fast, perfectly on-brand, localized content that creates product sales.

Template-based brand deployment

Easy and intuitive to use

Field marketers with no design skills can create perfect, on-brand localized content, with no training.

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Empower field marketers

Give direct access to self-service content to your field marketers, to localize themselves.

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Rapid speed to market

The ability to self-serve makes adapting for localization instant while protecting your precious brand equity.

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Key Benefits

Flexible user interface

Change colors, backgrounds, logos, fonts – make it look and work whatever way you choose

Hierarchical metadata

Easily administrate metadata to match your brand nomenclature, including multiple levels of data

DAM agnostic platform

Store assets locally or allow the multi-faceted search to pull content from your connected external DAMs

Campaign-level control

Arrange assets into campaigns to empower users to easily find the right asset

Campaign kitting

Connect related items into kits and watch adaptations flow seamlessly from one asset to another

Order processing

Completed orders are processed through shopping cart process for ease of use

Approval workflow

Completed orders can be routed through approval chains before being processed


Brandgility is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing technology

Order distribution

Orders can be distributed to printer or ad networks, CMS, DAMs, etc.

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