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Brandgility Menu Maker

Turns your existing menus into easy to use templates for your field sales teams to use with your venues, encouraging product sampling and resulting in increased category lift.

Customized, branded menus

Menu Maker allows your field sales teams to create menus that are co-branded with the venue, and that promote your premium brands.

  • Customized to include venue name and logo
  • Promotes your branded drinks
  • Can include competitor drinks

Variable menu designs

Templates allow your field sales teams to choose from:

  • Menu types
  • Number of serves
  • Co-branding options
  • Languages

Brandgility Menu Maker turns your branded designs into easy to use templates for your field sales teams to create with your customers.

Flexible and logical

Choose what options are available to edit:

  • Users can choose from pre-designed drink/brand combos
  • Or can edit freestyle
  • Can edit prices
  • Can add venue branding

Create anywhere

  • Online
  • Offline
  • Mobile

Easy distribution and production

Send orders directly to a network of printers.

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