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Brandgility Mass Customization

One-touch content for multiple stores or outlets

Create and distribute content to multiple locations, automatically co-brand, and send to production networks for automatic distribution of market-ready kits to stores.

Brandgility supports brands that display or sell their goods in multiple stores or outlets, using data-driven content customization.  Upload marketing materials in all required sizes, apply co-branding rules if needed, and the platform uses data about the stores to automatically co-brand and send exactly the right package of materials for their location (quantities, sizes, formats) directly to the store.  Regional marketers can decide when to launch campaigns and to which stores and can override the system to make adjustments if required.  Stores are then notified that campaign materials are on the way.  And Mass Customization ties in with Agile Brief so that a regional marketer can easily request something unexpected or unusual.

Store data can be stored in the platform or can be synchronized from external databases, easily keeping the information up to date, and the system can remember what was ordered last time making it only a few clicks to reorder.


Mass Customization Key Benefits

  • Easy to distribute content for a campaign from the centre
  • Flexible – can work with any number of outlets
  • Data-driven customization – uses the store information to determine what content to send
  • Automatic co-branding
  • Sends production instructions directly to network – materials arrive in-store ready to use
  • User can choose which stores to include
  • Can easily override system for exceptions
  • Automatically notifies stores that campaign is on the way
  • Works with Agile Brief
  • Synchronise store data with external databases
  • Reorder previous orders with a few clicks.