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Brandgility for Packaged Goods Brands

Using the most powerful templating technology in the world, Brandgility enables markets around the globe to adapt content to benefit from local knowledge while staying perfectly on-brand, to grow category share.

65 percent of multinational enterprises believe localization is either important or very important for achieving higher company revenues. (California State University at Chico, 2007)

Branded and localized

Rapid, easy creation of versions that will resonate with local markets, without losing any brand recognition.

Template existing content

Brandgility turns existing campaigns into intuitive templates for local markets to adapt.

Control of what can be edited provides a perfect blend of flexibility and guidance.

Intelligent template logic

In-built template logic protects brand integrity by ensuring that only the right choices can be made when adapting content.

Brandgility ensures a consistent consumer experience, from screen to store.

Customize a kit in seconds

Edit once and apply the changes across an entire kit of related assets.

Built-in workflows

Clever workflows allow content to move along the correct path for verification before being published.

Content approval

Allows content to be confirmed as correct before going to market.

Distribute instantly

When it’s ready, instantly send it to wherever it needs to go -from social media, to CMS, directly to a store, or to production partners – with one click.

Create anywhere

  • Online
  • Offline
  • Mobile

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