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Brandgility Agile Brief

A simple form for users to request exactly what they need

Brandgility Agile Brief is the quickest and simplest way to get content to your users and allow them to request what they need by filling out a straightforward form and have it go to an agency that knows the brand and can deliver perfect artwork in the most efficient way.

Brandgility’s Agile Brief capability allows marketers to request items that are not already included in a campaign kit or are a variation that a template does not currently support.

Agile Brief is a simple form-based tool that collects all of the information required in a brief and sends it to your preferred agency. Without this capability, the local market may turn to a local agency who will not have access to the master artwork and key-visuals, and possibly not the brand guidelines or even the latest logo, and could create a piece of collateral that is off-brand and off-message. All this is achieved directly via Brandgility with its powerful annotation and collaboration capabilities, and all sent via the platform, where it can go through the approval and order workflow.

Because Brandgility’s Agile Brief exposes these requests within the platform, this means that you know what the markets use and what else they require. This valuable information informs the next campaign to ensure that each market gets exactly what is needed in the future.


Key Benefits

  • Simple creation of a brief using just key graphics and Excel
  • Uses existing key graphics, no need for any redesign to create the brief – reduces time to market
  • Activating a campaign is a simple as uploading the graphics and spreadsheet
  • Users can search and find your campaigns in multiple ways – by brand, by product, by campaign, etc.
  • Users can easily select only the items that they need from the whole kit – and you’ll know what they use with full-circle reporting to close the loop
  • Users can choose to change any element of the graphics, using simple forms to request the changes from a designer
  • If a user can’t find what they need they can request an entirely new item or a different version of an existing item
  • Users change requests are sent to a designated agency who you can trust to do the work quickly (they have the original artwork) and on-brand, saving time and money for everyone
  • Briefs are sent via the platform, removing the need for briefs to be sent by email, tracking tickets or job packets, and in a standardized format that eliminates rounds of clarification
  • Users can approve the adapted artwork easily before receiving it ready for use


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