Cut Costs & Improve ROI by Streamlining Content Production


Streamlining the process

Managing an international campaign roll-out across multiple territories, with thousands of different versions of adverts, POSM and digital banners is tough, and the stakes are high.  With so many different parts involved, it is easy to watch the costs spiral out of control and your ROI plummet.  One of the ways to avoid breaking the budget is to streamline the delivery of shared content and enable local teams to create local versions quickly and efficiently within a controlled environment.

A self-service content adaptation platform will allow you to manage and control the distribution of promotional materials to every territory, yet still allow your regional teams the freedom to adapt the design, language, messages and products to meet the demands of their local market.

Resource Management

Traditionally, campaign designs are carefully created by a central marketing team, and files distributed to regional teams, who in turn manage the production of campaign assets with their local partners.  Local design agencies recreate versions of the adverts, point of sale material and digital assets (hopefully within brand and campaign guidelines), which are then approved by the local team before printing and delivery to store.  Alternatively, in the case of digital, shared with the brand’s CMS, social media platform or advertising network.

The resource required to manage every part of this process is immense, which means the more significant the global scope of the campaign, the longer it can take to roll-out and the slower the brand will realise its ROI.

With a self-service content adaptation platform, the number of working hours required is reduced dramatically by creating greater efficiencies through automation.  Templates can be created for each promotional item and shared with regional teams.  The templates allow for local versioning within the system, so there’s no need to download files and recreate material outside of the platform.  Language and image changes can all be adapted locally within the confines of the template.  A brand manager can quickly approve it before notifying partners, such as supported printers, who can log-in and directly download the asset files for production.

So instead of wasting time chasing many cogs in the chain, the central and local marketing teams just need to log-in to view the global or local campaign roll-out status and the activity of every user involved in the process.

Avoiding wastage

Another drain on ROI is the production of promotional material that is never used.  This could be through over-production, design errors or in some cases the campaign process was so slow the material arrived too late and missed the campaign deadline completely!

Choose the right content adaptation platform, and it will be able to report on the templates used within each region, and in some cases, build an individual profile for each store within the system.   This granular level of intelligence means that the local marketing teams know exactly what material to produce for each store within their territory, dramatically reducing the costs of over-production.

Automating the distribution process also reduces the risk of design errors.  All local versioning is performed within the system – which means several stages of approval can be incorporated before the template is made available for external download for production.  Moreover, streamlining the entire process within the single platform ensures roll-out can be monitored closely throughout the globe and issues addressed before it is too late.

If you would like more information on how Brandgility can help you dramatically improve ROI, request a demo today or email us.


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