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What we do

We make it easy for distributed marketing teams to localize content while protecting brand identity

Watch our two-minute introduction video to get an overview of Brandgility, and then schedule a live demo so that you can see it in action.

Easy localization

Field marketing teams have incredible local knowledge that benefits the brand.  Brandgility uses intuitive templates that bring this knowledge to life, allowing field marketers to create as many adapted version as the campaign calls for, instantly. A few clicks and done.

Translating or choosing locally-specialist images takes just a few clicks.

Protect brand identity

Branding is important.  Using templates makes sure that the right logo and font is used, without blocking creativity.  Templates can be as open or as restrictive as needed. They can flex as much as you do.

Using elements pulled from pre-set libraries of content ensure that it is always the right logo, font, colors or hero shot every time.

Rapid time to market

Self-service content adaptation is instant – no waiting, no searching for assets, no queuing for a designer’s time.  Edit and go.

Change adaptation and production time from weeks to minutes.  Zero waiting time.

Dramatically reduce content costs

No design skills needed means that field marketers can create beautiful content without needing to rely on a design agency.

No need to pay design agencies for basic editing – reuse that budget for creating great ideas!

Find out more

We would love to tell you more about how we can help you. Either complete the form to the right or contact us at:

Email  contact@elateral.com

Or call: US Toll Free – (847) 224-6454

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