Brandgility is a cloud-based platform for the customization of marketing materials. It can turn your existing materials into intelligent templates with built-in, real-time brand standards and allow users to create locally-relevant versions of branded content.

The simplest explanation: 

  1. Artwork is uploaded to or created within the Brandgility platform to produce a template.  
  2. Rules are applied to the template. These rules tell the platform what the end-user is and isn’t allowed to change. 
  3. The template is published. 
  4. End-users can now use the template, customizing it with their copy, images, colors, and more (dependant on the rules applied). This customization process removes the need for the end-users to request a variety of adaptations from the original designer/agency.

The benefits of Brandgility go beyond just streamlining your marketing workflow. It can also benefit internal company communications, sales teams, and franchisees. The reports available within the system can guide future campaigns and strategies. We have seen customers achieve up to 90% ROI when compared to traditional methods of content adaptation using an external agency.

No. Our platform works for everyone. Those with an in-house team and those that use an external agency can both benefit from Brandgility. We can partner with agencies directly, providing you with seamless execution of your marketing communications.

Yes. Print production is where we started, and while we have expanded into digital production, we still take great pride in our ability to output high-quality print-ready materials.

Yes. Any number of printers can be set up to receive your print outputs directly.

Yes, Brandgility works with a number of cloud storage services see our Plugins & Integrations page for more details.

Yes. Our approval system allows you to designate which templates need the approval of a senior team member and which don’t. Once an approver is added to the order workflow, they can review, edit, accept or reject orders and send notifications to the user—all through the platform.

Brandgility has a selection of Adobe Plugins that will allow you to transfer designs from Adobe software across to the platform. 

Brandgility also outputs in various Adobe formats. 

See out Plugins & Integrations page for more details.

Yes. Brandgility uses customizable access controls. You can determine the different levels of access required and assign those to a variety of user roles.

Yes. Elateral was approved by Approachable Certification to the standard of ISO27001:2013 on 21st May 2020.

Scope of Activities: Information Security in the provision of SaaS templating tool for the use of production and deployment of central managed marketing campaigns in accordance with SOA dated 30/03/2020
Image showing that Elateral holds an ISO 27001 certification
Certificate No. 11506
ISO 27001

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