Digital Production

Digital Production has been revolutionized over the last two decades and at Elateral we are constantly evolving our digital templating solutions to meet the modern demands of this industry.

Global Brand Marketing Solution

Consistency Across The Web

Brandgility ensures that all your digital production and social campaigns stay on-brand, on-message and on-target for your audiences. The platform allows you to maintain control of colors, fonts, styles and layouts whilst letting your teams localize assets for their target market. The result: globally consistent campaigns, each with a local edge.

Customize Digital Assets As One

Brandgility’s patented kitting feature means that multiple assets within a campaign can be customized at the same time. Input your copy once and let Brandgility populate it campaign wide. Select a hero image, yes just once, Brandgility can populate that campaign wide also. All your customizations can be made in one place at the campaign level.

Our kitting not only works for digital production but also for print campaigns, you can even create mixed media kits to cover all your needs in one place, creating truly unified campaigns.

Campaign Kitting

Save money. Maintain scalability.

The Brandgility platform eliminates the costs caused by lengthy approval processes, rounds of design edits and adjustments, all whilst maintaining the ability to scale. Adding new brands, sectors or markets to Brandgility is quick and simple.

Animation? No Problem.

Our tools allow you to build advanced animations while keeping the customization for your users simple. With output options such as Mp4, animated GIFs and individual frames, we’ve got Web banners, Social media, Digital screens and more covered. 

User Interface and User Experience


Brandgility’s UI is intuitive and easy to use, the experience is friendly and flows logically through tasks. Our design concept for both the interface and the experience was to make our platform the easiest and quickest way to get the work done.

Got Questions?

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions, if you don’t find what you need feel free to get in touch and ask us.