It is Brandgility’s core features that lay the groundwork for maintaining a wide spectrum of content adaptation needs whilst meeting the high standards in speed to market that we have all come to expect in this ever-evolving digital world.

Dynamic Templates with Brand Consistency

With the Brandgility platform, all your print and digital marketing materials can be adapted for various locales and use cases using our templating system and a set of brand rules. Your campaigns will remain globally consistent regardless of the market they were customized by or for.

Request a live demo to see how traditional materials can be converted to dynamic templates.

Campaign Kitting:
Multiple assets, Customized once

Brandgility’s patented kitting feature means that multiple assets within a campaign can be adapted simultaneously. Input your copy once and let Brandgility populate it campaign wide. Select a hero image, yes just once, Brandgility can populate that campaign wide also. All your customizations can be made in one place at the campaign level.

See how Kitting works…

Localization made easy

Localization is not just having your copy translated, it’s also changing color schemes, imagery, extending or reducing the product ranges available and much more.

At Elateral we understand that every business is different and not every business localizes their assets in the same way. The Brandgility platform itself is adaptable and can be configured to complement the way you localize content.

See how the hospitality industry uses Brandgility to localize its operational materials around the globe.

Mobile Application

Brandgility has a Mobile App. Available for both iOS and Android, our mobile application allows your teams to order customized materials from wherever they are at any time, day or night. No wifi, no problem, the app works both online and offline.*

  • Marketers can produce and share on-brand social media graphics whilst on the move.
  • Sales and Marketing teams can help local vendors or franchisees order on-brand, point-of-sale materials.

*Internet connection required for data sync before offline use.

Brandgility Mobile App Marketing Solution
Brandgility has an Adobe Plugin

Adobe CC Plugins

We couldn’t have made Brandgility any easier for your agency or in-house design team. Brandgility comes with a set of Adobe CC plugins that allow you to migrate your artwork from InDesign to the Brandgility platform in minutes. 

Brandgility also has the ability to output your adapted materials in various Adobe formats.

Access Control & Roles

As an ISO 27001 certified company we understand the vital importance of security and complete access control.

We could not have made Brandgility more flexible when it comes to giving users access to the right materials.  From system admin to end-user, you can create your own roles and specify the access level of each role to suit your team’s management structure.

Access to marketing assets can be controlled by brand, location, business unit, or whatever segment meets your needs.  Brandgility ensures that the right content is always available to the right people.

Security & Access Control

Got Questions?

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