Brand Management

Ensuring your marketing content stays on-brand is one of a brand manager’s toughest tasks. At Elateral we’ve built a whole platform around simplifying brand management for you and your team. We’d love to show it to you.

Print Production with Brandgility

Forget Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are sent around the world as toolkits in the hopes that local marketers will comply with them. With the help of Brandgility these toolkits will become a thing of the past, used only by the template designers. Within the platform’s templates all those brand management worries: style, colors, fonts, spacing, layouts and more can be locked down to prevent users going off-brand.

You set the rules. We maintain them.

Color Consistency

There’s nothing we hate more than a bad color conversion. You’ve invested time and money into perfecting your branding. Perhaps your brand is known worldwide for its distinct color combination. The last thing you need to be worrying about is converting your brand colors correctly from RGB to CMYK or vice versa. 

Brandgility has that covered. Within the platform you can specify your brands colors in both RGB and CMYK formats so that the correct colors are always used based on the output type.

Brandgility supports both CMYK and RGB color input options
Brand Management

Using the Right Logo?

Most brands have a multitude of logo options — horizontal  vertical, stacked, a logo for dark backgrounds, a logo for light backgrounds, a full color logo, a grayscale logo, the list goes on. So, how do you make sure your teams are using the correct logo for the size, language and color-space they are working in? Brandgility. 

Our templates can be setup to filter the logos available so only logos suitable and compatible with that design are available to the user customizing it.

Got Questions?

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