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Tired of working harder for every marketing dollar?

When you’re being asked to do more with less, you need to work smarter, not harder.

Marketing and brand teams are being asked to do more with less

The amount of content needed continues to grow, but the budget to create and manage it does not.

There are always more opportunities to share more quality content, but many companies face the challenge of having to prioritize what they can do with the resources that they can fit in the budget, and decide that some of the work just cannot be justified.

There are strong economic arguments for solving the problem of content adaptation. Without automation, every single adaptation has to be constructed by hand with all the associated labor and the time to do that has to be paid for.

A bar graph showing Demand is going up, while budgets are going down

Demand is going up, while budgets are going down.

The real costs of building the same asset multiple times by hand with different agencies in different geographies can be eyewatering (click here to read more about how you can have a content adaptation process that can effortlessly keep up with demand).

In addition, each new version gives an ‘opportunity’ for the adaptation that is being built to deviate from brand guidelines or deliver an off-campaign message to consumers (click here to read about how you can ensure your brand standards are being complied with). Unfortunately, this is sometimes undertaken knowingly by the local agency or the local market, in the misguided belief that their unauthorized and unwanted design changes are somehow ‘adding value’!

On the other hand, running a team of in-house designers, or a marketing team with a printer in the basement, can be just as hard to manage (click here to read the key to keeping up with the demand for content adaptation).  Striking the right balance between having enough staff to not cause long waiting times for work, but also not having a bench of designers who are sitting on their hands, is very tough when demand can be unpredictable.

Work smarter, not harder.

How can you do more with less?

A tool that allows content to be produced without increasing costs each time is the solution.

Brandgility makes content adaptation easy for local markets to do for themselves while enforcing brand and compliance rules.  That’s why we exist.  Ask us to show you some examples of how we do this for some of the world’s biggest brands.

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