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“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration

Thomas Edison

Peter Blackburn

Chief Executive Officer

All his career, Peter has been a builder, building products and solutions that fit his vision of how things should work.

Relying on his imagination, expertise, and relentless drive to succeed, he and his team have built a marketing technology platform that has truly changed ROI for marketing content production. Peter’s vision for how content production should work is just one of the advantages he has brought to Elateral as founder and CEO.

Day to day responsibility

Day to day, Peter guides Elateral’s many world-leading products from idea to reality, working with diverse teams and operations around the world. He has over 25 years of professional software development experience and is instrumental in the creation and development of the entire Elateral product range.

Career History

Before founding Elateral, Peter was a Development Manager at PhoneLink, an information services company, based in the North West of England. While with PhoneLink, the company grew from a new technology start-up with a staff of 12 to a 250 strong London Stock Exchange-listed organization.

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