Hospitality + Brandgility: A Case Study

A world renowned hotel brand reduces its spend on adapting their operational materials for individual hotels and provides adaptation capabilities to its on-location teams around the globe.

Hospitality Brand Flyers

With over 6,000 properties worldwide, how do you solve a problem
like localization?

The Challenge

One of the main challenges that multinational businesses have, is to produce consistent and effective marketing and operational collateral for a wide variety of countries and regions. Among the customers of Brandgility is one of the most prestigious hotel and hospitality groups in the world, which provides accommodation to millions of guests in 118 countries. Service on this scale requires the creation, adaptation, and distribution of tens of thousands of branded pieces of collateral. To produce in-room, front-of-house, and marketing collateral for over 6,000 properties, which also must be localized, translated and adapted to suit specific regions, can present a number of significant challenges.
Digital In-Room Displays
The needs of each hotel are different, with factors such as the languages spoken as well as target markets varying from location to location. However, the individual properties must be able to communicate important messages to all guests and staff no matter the language. Equally, the collateral needs to conform to strict brand guidelines. The Brandgility platform allows for the creation of this collateral on a large scale, enabling customization where necessary, while maintaining consistent brand image.



Brandgility prevents branding inconsistencies between locations, regions and campaigns.


Templating allows you to create a piece once for repeated adaptation unlimited times.


DAM content, centrally managed whilst providing access to teams worldwide for adaptation.

Save Time &

Create materials quickly and easy, bypassing the rounds of revisions with agencies.

The Solution

Dynamic Templating

Brandgility includes a powerful dynamic templating engine. The details of properties that an employee either works at, or manages, are stored in their user profile. These details are then automatically pre-loaded on to any collateral they order. This limits the risk of user error when inputting contact or property details and reduces time-to-market.

Multi-lingual and Locally Relevant

A significant issue for large hotel chains is the need to create and re-create collateral in multiple local languages for each location. Localization can be accomplished more efficiently with Brandgility, which removes the unnecessary creation of multiple, almost identical pieces of collateral, reducing the production time and cost involved. Brandgility helps our customer produce collateral in over 30 languages with full support for multibyte character sets.

Brand Protection and Digital Assets

One of the main problems Brandgility solves is maintaining brand consistency. When branded collateral is created for a huge multinational hotel chain, there is a risk that individual marketing teams use incorrect fonts, outdated imagery, logos and messaging. This can introduce inconsistencies to the collateral being produced.

Brandgility’s brand-focused formatting rules ensure that all hotel employees consistently follow the brand’s marketing strategy and creative aesthetic. Employees are not allowed to use unapproved assets. An approval process is also available, to allow central marketing teams to review more complex pieces, that include longer customizable copy, before they are sent to production and even make edits directly if they are required.

The platform integrates with leading digital asset management systems, allowing employees to utilize branded assets, such as property photography and location logos within the collateral they order.

Multiple Hospitality Templates

Save Time and Resources

Brandgility gives organizations the ability to create both operational and marketing collateral quickly and easily, bypassing the need for employees to send multiple revisions of the same material back and forth to an agency. Hotel employees access the platform directly to adapt and order collateral in a fraction of the time it would take using conventional methods, reducing costs with a 10-times return on investment.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that being able to respond to unforeseen circumstances quickly is highly important, and Brandgility makes this possible while keeping the campaign consistent and on-message.

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