Consumer Goods

A global consumer goods brand works with Brandgility to ensure that their brand excellence is consistent around the world, in all global markets, while still enabling their local markets to adapt content according to their needs.

The Challenge

This owner of many of the world’s biggest and best-known brands is a huge multi-national manufacturer with more than 60 brands under the corporate umbrella. Being able to create, distribute and manage content for all of those brands in markets all over the world is a huge challenge.

The global marketing team needs to get content out to marketers in every corner of the globe, to support a vast number of premium brands. The content needs to look great and work for every channel in every market. Each market needs it supplied in the correct language, each channel needs specific support. The task of creating and managing this much content in this many markets requires vast resources and management.

The Solution

The marketing and IT teams worked with Brandgility to create a single portal where users can find, customize and distribute content.

Digital Asset Management

Using Brandgility’s DAM capabilities allows users to find content easily, thanks to a standardized metadata set and multi-faceted search that can laser-target content. Markets can upload and manage their own content or use the content that has been centrally distributed by the Brand. Using the existing metadata is a breeze with simple and intuitive checkboxes. And if there is a market need that is identified but not yet met the platform owners can easily add or update the metadata, which can then flow across all content.


Once users have found their perfect content they may need to customize it for their market. Customization can cover everything from changing the language to adding a logo and branding to support a specific channel to asking for a new layout or design. Using Brandgility allows users to request whatever changes they need to make and have them go directly to a knowledgeable and skilled agency to be made quickly and efficiently. All changes are performed by a preferred agency who knows the brand standards and has the right materials handy, ensuring that the process is as cost- and time-efficient as possible and meets brand standards perfectly.


All usage and requests for changes are captured in the system reports, which means that the global brand teams and leadership are perfectly informed on what was used, what markets need and what items were requested that were not initially produced, which means that they are able to take those insights forward into the next campaign, creating a constantly improving ROI.

The Result

The time to market for a campaign to go from design to active is minimal. Markets know exactly where to find the content that they need and feel confident that it will meet their needs. The global brand gets to be sure that the final content will meet the level of excellence that they prefer and to know that it will be priced efficiently through a preferred agency. And the consumer gets a great shopper marketing experience. It’s a big win for everyone involved.

Brandgility's Benefits



One easily accessible location for all of the brand's global content.


Built-in Design Tools

Allows preferred and knowledgeable agencies to make content adjustments.​

Reporting Chart

Detailed Reporting

The platform provides feedback and reporting to inform future campaigns.