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There is always room for improvement somewhere, be it overly lengthy approval processes, content availability or the scale of the campaign. At Elateral we’ve created a platform to help you solve these problems. Lets look at some of the ways that Brandgility can help…

Localizing Content at Scale

Localization goes beyond just translation. It’s about building trust within local markets by addressing their needs whilst taking into consideration cultural differences.

Brandgility can allow local teams to make controlled changes to materials that better align with particular local markets whilst maintaining brand standards and staying on message.  

See how hospitality brands are utilizing Brandgility on a global scale…

Having local teams produce their own content can be a risk to your brand equity if those teams aren’t well versed in the brand standards or don’t have easy access to all the correct branding resources.

With its intelligent templating, Brandgtility can allow your teams the freedom and ease to produce their own local content without any risk to your brand equity. All templates are created with smart logic to ensure that no matter the customization the output always maintains your brand guidelines, only allowing the use of pre-approved colors, fonts and imagery.

Damage to your Brand equity

Reduce Time to Market


Whether you are localizing your materials in-house or through an agency, it can be a long, overwhelming and costly process. Endless requests from local marketers to tweak and change means that materials don’t always reach the markets on time.

Brandgility can become the self-service tool you need to allow local marketers to make those tweaks and changes themselves. Free up your design team or agency to focus on producing new designs for future campaigns.

A global consumer goods brand reduces their time to market with content adaptation…

The approval process from creation to output can be a lengthy one, with files being passed from agency to client, through various departments and needing approval at a number of stages, by a variety of team members.

With its intuitive sharing options, controls and approval workflow Brandgility can become your central hub for that approval process. A single cloud location, no need to send files from person-to-person, going back and forth over minor tweaks.

Lengthly Approval Processes

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Take the Self-Service Approach

Allowing your marketers to self-serve via an automation platform can make a big difference. With self-service a user can access content 24 hours a day via a web-based portal, they are guided to what they can customize within each template, they can see the effect of any change immediately, and no human error creeps into the process.

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