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The One-Size-Fits-All Adaptation Tool

No matter what your industry, we have the solution for you. Brandgility was developed on an ethos of adaptation. Not only can it make all varieties of marketing materials adaptable for your users but the platform itself is also adaptable.

Global Brand Marketing Solution

Speed to Market

Whether you are localizing your materials in-house or through an agency, it can be a long, overwhelming and costly process. Endless requests from local marketers to tweak and change means that materials don’t always reach the markets on time.

Brandgility can become the self-service tool you need to allow local marketers to make those tweaks and changes themselves. Free up your design team or agency to focus on producing new designs for future campaigns.

Allowing marketers to self-serve via an automation process can make a huge difference. With self-service an employee can access content 24 hours a day via a web-based portal, they are guided to what they can and can’t change, they can see the effect of any change immediately, and no human error creeps into the process.

Brandgility Mobile App Marketing Solution

Mobile Application

More and more business are working remotely and for sales teams and marketers this has never been truer. If your team are spending more time out of the office meeting with customers it can be hard to collaborate with colleagues on producing the materials they need to do their job.

Elateral has developed a mobile application to compliment its Brandgility platform allowing your teams to continue their collaborations wherever they are, online or offline*.

Marketers can produce and share on-brand social media graphics whilst on the move.

Sales and Marketing teams can help local vendors or franchisees order on-brand, point-of-sale materials.

*Internet connection required for data sync before offline use.



The approval process from creation to output can be a lengthy one, with files being passed from agency to client, through various departments and needing approval at a number of stages, by a variety of team members.

With its intuitive sharing options, controls and approval workflow Brandgility can become your central hub for that approval process. A single cloud location, no need to send files from person-to-person, going back and forth over minor tweaks.



Localization goes beyond just translation. It’s about building trust within local markets by addressing their needs whilst taking into consideration cultural differences.

Brandgility can allow local teams to make controlled changes to materials that better align with particular local markets whilst maintaining brand standards and staying on message.

Case studies of our customer's successes

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

This global consumer goods brand has a vast user base that is distributed across the world, and many of the world’s biggest brands, so managing the point of sale content needs in a simple and effective way is essential.

Financial Services

Financial Services

A major financial services company uses Brandgility to support a large team of financial advisers to ensure that they have the perfect materials for every need, perfectly customized for each use.​

Manufacturing Industry

Beverage Manufacturers

A global distributor of world-famous brands uses Brandgility to help their field sales teams develop a more productive relationship with their customers and retailers and outlets.​