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Let’s do this!

Let’s solve the problem of global content production together

We all know that there is a massive problem facing anyone who produces materials globally that are adapted locally – from distribution to rights management, to Frankenstein marketing, to just not knowing what your markets are doing. But there is a solution.

Global marketing at the local level is hard

Local marketers are clever, they want to do the right thing for their market, their channels and their consumers.

Global marketers are clever, they want to do the right thing for the brand and to support the local markets.

However, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds.  It’s hard to make sure that the right people get the right content easily, can adapt it as they need to while still staying on brand and not recreating something that already exists, and making sure that their needs are heard at a global level.

But there is a solution – let’s put it to use.

You know that you can deliver amazing campaigns

Launching a new campaign is thrilling.  You’ve spent all of this time and effort creating some amazing visuals, you’ve got a brilliant tagline, and everything is lined up to be a profitable and successful campaign. You can’t wait to get it into the hands of the local markets and hear their feedback.

However, when the results do come in you find out that the markets either only used part of your stuff or they didn’t use any of it.  Instead, they got a local agency to recreate the artwork – or at least nearly recreate it – because they needed a model with a different ethnicity to appeal to their audiences, or because they needed to translate it, or they needed a different pack-shot because their market just needs that.

All good reasons, but it’s heartbreaking.  And if you’d only known about this in advance you’d have provided them with those versions and saved them the money on the local agency.  And what you’d have sent them would have been perfectly on-brand and matched the other kit in the campaign, instead of whatever the local agency could source.

And you didn’t hear about it until there was nothing that you could do about it.

Here’s how to fix it.  Seriously.  We know how to stop this.

First of all, you need a platform to distribute the content to your local markets.  The days of posting a CD in an envelope are way past.  You need a digital system that you upload to (once!) and then your markets get notified that they can go there to pick up the latest campaign materials.  You also need one that can figure out what is supposed to go to who, so that markets only see the campaign materials that are relevant to them and licenced for use in their market.  You don’t want to be uploading fifteen different versions to support your EMEA launch, for example.

Next, you need a platform that allows your local marketers to actually adapt the content right then and there.  Change copy.  Change packshots.  Change images – and to be able to choose those images from your expertly -sourced, correctly-licensed library of images that are magically also on the same system.  Change languages and translate and have the fonts automatically adapt.  Change the legal text.  Yeah, that legal text is always an issue.  We feel your pain.

And once they’ve adapted the content you need a system that can provide a tool to get those changes approved, if that’s the way you need it done.  Especially if they’re changing things like legal text, right?  So you want them to adapt away but you want a little oversight just to offer your expert advice and help them make the best of the campaign.

Then you want a system that can automatically distribute those adapted materials to a local printer or digital outlet or wherever they need to go.  You want your local marketers not to have to touch this again – no negotiating with printers or arranging drop offs and pick ups – just straight into the market as soon as it’s approved, hands-free.

And for the final part, you need a system that can enable your local markets to request something that you might have provided – let’s say they use a lot of coupons and you didn’t provide one in this campaign kit because you didn’t know that they needed one.  So you need a system that can allow your markets to say “Hey, I love this, but I need a coupon to match.” and for that request to go to one of your preferred, expert, agencies who already have all of the artwork, understand the brand, and can deliver it fast and cheap. And you need to know about it so that you can make sure that you include a lovely coupon in the next kit, saving your local market even more time.

Brandgility does all of this, right now.

The reason that we identify so strongly with this problem is because we work with brands that are overcoming it every day.  Big, global brands who have loads of great local marketers that do a great job.  We provide them with a solution that covers every one of the steps above.

For the distribution of assets to markets, it’s our Brandgility Asset Warehouse (DAM), which includes built-in user-access control to ensure that only the right people see the right stuff with no fuss.

For the local adaptation, it’s the Brandgility Templates – you create the original content, load it into the template platform, and your local markets adapt it as needed. No specialist skills or fancy software needed.  And they do it fast.  The idea is to have someone with no marketing or design experience be able to find, adapt and order a perfectly-branded campaign inside ten minutes.

And it has a built-in approval workflow that is seamless to the user and automatically passes through to the production workflow.

And then for the exceptions – when a market needs something that you didn’t provide – it’s the Brandgility Content Factory Connect.  It does exactly this – including a built-in chat module so that the user can talk to the designer without needing any external tools or contact info.

So, make this the year that you decide to solve this problem.  Let us help.  Let’s do this thing together.

So, call us. Or schedule a demo.  We can help.