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Introducing Brandgility

Elateral is proud to announce the launch of Brandgility, the Global Brand Deployment Platform.

Brandgility is the newest generation of marketing platform from Elateral, using the most up-to-date code, a brand new user interface, and now including animated web banners.

Watch the video below for more information on what Brandgility can do for you.

Video Transcript

Today, brands and agencies are struggling to keep up with the amount of content that global omni-channel requires. Marketers must provide consistent and relevant messages at all customer touch-points; print, digital, in-store, social and video – for hundreds of markets, in dozens of languages.

Global campaign deployments – across multiple media channels, regions, and segments – require massive amounts of content. Conventional methods to support the production and distribution of all of this content can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. Deploying a brand globally is challenging – this problem just keeps getting bigger, more complicated, and more expensive.

Enter Brandgility. The global brand deployment platform.

If you go to market through a distributed network that needs to localize marketing materials fast, this is your solution. Brandgility automates the process of successful brand deployment and enables your teams to reduce localization time from weeks to minutes – helping you spend dramatically less on production and local market activation.

You’ll be able to easily produce coordinated web and social content, digital displays, emails and landing pages, all kinds of retail point of sale material, videos, brochures, spec sheets, billboards, press advertising – if your markets need it, Brandgility can do it.

As a SaaS platform, Brandgility is a breeze to deploy and integrates beautifully with all of your existing Martech stack including your DAM, CMS and iPaaS.

Brandgility protects your brand equity and increases your speed to market. The platform empowers your global teams to work more efficiently while reducing the cost of producing locally relevant marketing material. Brandgility increases the effectiveness and impact of your marketing by keeping all content, no matter the media channel, ‘on-brand’ and ‘on-message’.

All accessible in one easy to use, intuitive tool. One place that all of your local marketers can access 24/7. A web and mobile-based platform that is changing how brands go to market. A scalable, flexible, system that makes marketing easy, cost effective and smart.

Brandgility. The global brand deployment platform.

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