How to drive new sales growth from locally relevant content

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Your marketing could be generating more sales if it could capture local insights

It used to be possible to create a few versions of your content and call it a day.  However, digital marketing has trained customers to expect personalized communications.  And marketers have learned that the more you can make your marketing content locally relevant, the more sales that content will generate.

The challenge is the time, resources and most importantly capturing the relevant local insights needed to produce locally relevant marketing content. We’ll address these in reverse order.

Tools to Capture Sales from Locally-Relevant Insights

Your headquarters marketing content development team knows marketing and design. They don’t know what’s happening in the field or the conditions and opportunities at a specific account.

As powerful as that local insight is, they don’t have the time or tools to discover, interpret, and include what they know in corporate-issued marketing materials. Designers are forced to default to “safe” content. But safe content doesn’t sell all that well.

Instead of asking a headquarters marketing team miles or even countries away to understand what’s happening in local markets or at specific accounts, you can use tools to capture those insights from the local people who know what’s happening in their market or account.

Those local teams don’t have to be designers. They just need tools that let them easily incorporate their “local gold” into their content and materials while protecting the brand message.

Resources to Produce Locally Relevant Marketing Content

Designers should be designing and ensuring that the brand message is consistent.  The field should not be designing renegade marketing materials, they should be working with their accounts and in their markets to expand what they know.

The way to bring the two together is tools supporting processes that let each resource be more effective at what they are most skilled at doing.  By providing tools that simplify local edits while controlling the brand vision of the designers, you get the best of both worlds. Content that’s:

  • Easily localized
  • Generates more sales and
  • Looks as the designers intended when it’s put into the market.

The more you can make your marketing content locally relevant, the more sales that content will generate.

Time to Produce Locally Relevant Marketing Content

As someone once said, “Life moves pretty fast.”  And it seems to be moving faster every day. If you are struggling to meet the demand for marketing content today, and your staff and budget are being cut, how do you elevate to produce locally relevant marketing content that keeps up with changes in markets far and wide?

The answer has been hinted at above.  It’s a blend of tools supporting processes that enable local teams to locally customize brand-protected marketing content.

Designers are then free to spend their time improving and creating new and better marketing content.  That content is localized by field teams and business owners who understand their local market. The brand message is protected throughout this process.  The result is more, near instantly customized and executed content in less time and for a lower cost.

Find a tool that allows your sales teams to be selling and your designers to be designing, while still enabling local adaptation.


Elateral has been helping marketers find new sales gains from efficiently produced localized marketing content for over 20 years.  We help improve sales from marketing content while protecting the brand message of some of the worlds top brands.

It’s not uncommon for field reps to customize content on premise using laptops and for that content to show up within days.  All through the use of our Brandgility software and supporting content management processes that protect the brand while unlocking new sales.

To learn more about how to generate new sales by efficiently localizing your marketing content, complete the demo request form below to request an evaluation and demonstration.


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