6 ways to make your content work harder for your brand

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Marketing budgets are under pressure, but tightening purse strings shouldn’t mean that CMOs compromise on performance. If anything, your content and campaigns must perform even better now to justify your spend.

In order to achieve this, your marketing mantra needs to be ‘quality over quantity’. Every piece of collateral your brand produces needs to drive ROI – and this may mean that you get great results with fewer assets.

Elateral has helped hundreds of brands to streamline the volume of work they are producing, and focus on making a few good quality campaigns work harder. Here are some of the key lessons we’ve learned along the way, to ensure that every marketing asset you produce drives maximum value…

Lesson #1 – create a central portal for sharing all your content

 Too many brands find their marketing departments ‘going rogue’ and creating new content, simply because they don’t know what exists already. Does this sound familiar?

Investing in a content adaptation platform enables you to save and share every campaign brief, asset, and communications in one place, so your teams know exactly where to go if they’re searching for suitable new materials.

Cataloging existing collateral ensures that everyone is working from the same strategy, and knows exactly what content is available for them to leverage. This is particularly important if you oversee an international marketing team with several regional offices.

Lesson #2 – encourage the re-use of existing content

It’s alarmingly easy to produce great quality content for a short campaign, which then gets lost in the archives.

We’ve already mentioned the value of sharing materials to stop ‘rogue marketing’, but creating a catalog of your existing assets has the additional benefit of encouraging marketing teams to repurpose content – rather than creating new materials from scratch every time.

It is also a great way for regional teams to share any unique assets they have developed, which can be adapted and used in other territories without straying away from your global campaign message.

Lesson #3 – give local teams the power to edit existing assets

As we’ve just touched on, even with a global marketing strategy in place, sometimes regional teams need to develop their own local assets. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they always have to create original content.

Get your senior marketing team to create ‘template’ documents, with editable sections that can be translated or adapted by regional teams to resonate with their audience.

This is a great way to generate strong regional campaigns without having to invest a huge amount of time or budget. Editable templates prevent local marketers or agencies from putting all their energy into creating new assets when perfectly good base documents exist. Plus, you remain in control of your brand quality, tone and message.

And with a recent survey by The Drum revealing that 29% of companies feel resource shortages impact the success of their content marketing strategy, templating could provide the ideal solution to keeping costs down without compromising on quality.

Lesson #4 – take requests from your local teams

Even with a comprehensive library of existing assets, as an international brand, sometimes your regional teams will find that something is missing from their upcoming campaign.

Rather than just going ahead and creating a new piece of collateral for their own purposes, encourage them to make a central request for content, by creating an online request form.

This way, your senior team can be totally aware of what collateral is needed internationally, and any new materials created can be shared online. As a result, your new asset becomes available to your entire marketing team – not just the department or agency who requested it

Lesson #5 – learn what assets work best and push them hard

As much as brands would like to think that every marketing asset you produce is amazing, inevitably some materials perform better than others.

Therefore it’s important to have analytics tools in place, which enable you to see how many times each piece of your content is used, and how well it performs, so you can push your best assets and shape your marketing strategy.

You can even share this data with your wider workforce, encouraging regional teams to focus on using your best-performing assets, confident in their ability generate ROI.

Improve your marketing content performance in 3 simple steps

Ultimately, the secret to making your marketing content work harder rests on three core principles:

  1. Ensure everyone knows what’s available – and how well it performs
  2. Make sure marketers can access those assets at all times
  3. Give teams the tools to edit or adapt existing collateral, rather than always starting something new

One of the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective ways to ensure this happens is to introduce a content adaptation platform, which all your regional marketing teams – and any agencies you partner with – can work from.

Brandgility: enhancing your content marketing performance

As experts in content distribution, Elateral has helped hundreds of companies to get better results with fewer pieces of collateral, through our content adaptation platform, Brandgility.

See how Brandgility can benefit your business, and start making your marketing content work harder for your bottom line.

Request a demo today.


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