3 Global Marketing Challenges and How To Overcome Them

global marketing challenges

Why does your brand create marketing content and collateral? 90% of companies say it’s to generate inbound leads, according to Content Marketing Institute research. However, converting collateral into sales is more than what you say – it’s also about making sure your customers get to see it.

Even the best marketing assets will only travel so far if the campaign execution plan isn’t watertight. Yet currently, many marketers are failing to generate ROI on their content because the assets their head office team are creating aren’t being fully leveraged across the organisation.

Does this sound familiar? If so, read on to discover some of the fundamental challenges that could be preventing your content from being marketed effectively to potential customers – and how the right technology can provide a solution.

Challenge #1 – Your content isn’t being used globally

If you’re a CMO, you are more than likely having to coordinate a team of regional marketers or agencies as part of your role, and problems with the communication links between those local partners could be holding your content back.

All too often, interactions take place across a variety of platforms – emails, online chats, phone calls and so forth – and it’s easy for some of your regional marketing workforce to slip out of the loop.

This is where technology can significantly enhance the way you market your content internally, and give local partners the tools to promote it externally. A content adaptation platform offers one central portal through which all communication takes place, to ensure everyone knows exactly what assets are available, and how and when they can be used.

As a result, you can be confident that every team – whether they’re in-house or an agency partner – is working from the same strategy at all times, and has the power to select the collateral they feel will best resonate with local audiences.

Challenge #2 – Your regional teams are not executing campaigns correctly

Issues with your global communications don’t just mean that regional teams aren’t utilising the marketing collateral available to them; they could have already decided that the easiest solution is to create their own content programme.

This can have a significant impact on your brand identity, as there is no central approval process in place to ensure that every campaign has the right design and message.

By centralising communications through a content adaptation platform, you can ensure that regional teams and agencies have the full breadth of your collateral to draw from. With this level of transparency, they don’t have to tread their own path, and you can rest assured that every asset complies with brand guidelines.

This doesn’t mean every campaign has to be ‘one size fits all’, though; with the right platform in place, you can provide editable templates that local teams can tweak for their customers, but which can still be centrally approved.

Challenge #3 – You can’t keep track of all the content being produced

It’s not just communications that are challenged when you’re working with regional teams over email, webchat and other channels. The actual assets each department is producing can be saved in multiple locations, so it’s hard to keep track of exactly what content is available.

The result of this can be that local marketing teams ‘reinvent the wheel’ whenever they want to launch a new campaign, creating new assets when something perfectly suitable already exists within your organisation. This is time consuming, costly, and not conducive to a slick and streamlined brand output.

The right content marketing technology will enable your global workforce to store and share assets centrally, uploading any content they create for your entire organisation to use. This is a much more cost-effective way of working, as staff can search to see what existing collateral is available, Content + marketing technology = lead generation and sales

If you’re looking to make sure your content drives sales leads, it’s just as important to analyse your asset deployment process as the collateral itself. Sometimes basic issues with distribution and execution can prevent good quality materials from generating the ROI they deserve.

One effective way to overcome the common challenges associated with marketing brand content is to centralise and automate your internal communications through a content adaptation platform.

The right technology will enable your workforce to easily share all available assets, empower regional teams or agencies to make local customisations within your brand framework, and make sure good content is used and re-used. Essentially, it will support your marketing teams in every region to work from a single, central strategy.

Brandgility: Your launchpad for more effective global marketing

If you’re experiencing some of the challenges we’ve discussed, and you’re ready to improve the way you market your content, Elateral’s market-leading solution, Brandgility, is the platform you need to power success.

With key features including editable content templates, approval workflows, and central asset storage capabilities, Brandgility is the only content adaptation platform your business will need.

Request you free, live Brandgility demonstration today.


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