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How a global alcoholic drinks manufacturer creates more sales and achieves a 26% uplift in sales.

Key benefits

  • Increases consumer selection of the brand
  • Helps to grow the customer business
  • Is easy, fast and intuitive

Case Study: Global Alcoholic Spirits Manufacturer

Competitive Marketplace

This Global alcoholic beverage group sells their brands in venues and locations around the world. Most venues stock multiple brands of each spirit, so there is stiff competition to ensure that the consumer chooses your brand above all of the other brands that are on offer.

The person who is representing the brand within the venue is the bar and wait staff who are the ones interacting with the consumer.

Stoking Consumer Imagination

If not given any direction, many consumers will simply order something that they have had before, and usually the generic version.

“I’ll have a gin and tonic.”

The staff who are taking their order may not be aware of the choices behind the bar or may rely on the knowledge of the bartender, who may not be the one taking the order. This lack of information for both parties can result in consumers being given whatever brand the bartender decides for them when making the drink.

Struggling to Stand Out

Without education of both the consumer and the staff, a brand that is stocked in a bar with a broad range of products will struggle to stand out and be chosen.

Winning at the Point of Sale

To solve this problem, this brand produces menus and point of sale material to be used in the location.

When a consumer is reviewing a menu, it can inspire them to try a different drink than their usual, or it can encourage them to upgrade to a premium spirit for their standard order.

“I’ll have a Tanqueray and tonic, please.”


Along with menus promoting everyday drinks, menus can help bars and restaurants to sell more higher-profit items, such as cocktails or craft beers. This is a win for everyone – the consumer gets the great experience that they are looking for, the bar owner gets more profitable sales, and the brand gets to sell more of their product over the competition.

Holistic Campaigns

To tie this all together, the brand should work with the venue owner to create a comprehensive campaign – such as Two-for-Tuesdays cocktail nights, or a Gin & Tonic specialist menu, for example – and create content to support that event, such as social media invitations, posters, flyers, table tents, and other in-venue marketing materials. Combine this with the content that ushers consumers along the full path-to-purchase, such as logoed beer mats or staff t-shirts, and you get a full-on promotion. This creates energy for the consumer, events and uplift for the venue and increased sales for the brand.

How Does it Work?

This brand uses Brandgility Menu Maker to create their menus – Menu Maker automatically pulls in all of their existing serve information and gorgeous photography from their existing database, which saves everyone time, ensures the accuracy of the information, and makes sure that only the current version is used.

Recipe Cards and POS

In addition to Menu Maker, the brand uses Brandgility to create complimentary point of sale material for the venue, social media posts for the location to promote their event, and recipe cards to ensure that the bar staff make perfect serves every time.

Successful Sales Meetings

The brand sales team will sit down with the venue owner and work with them to decide on a promotion or event, or just to design a menu. They can use a laptop or mobile or tablet and can work online or offline. At this meeting, the sales rep and the venue owner choose a style of menu that matches the location, add their logo and details, and add all of the drinks that they want to offer. They can then set the price for each item on the menu, choose which of the additional materials that they want to use and customize them to match, and send it all either directly to be printed and delivered, or to an authoriser who can then send it on to be created once it has been approved.

Everyone Wins

The venue owner is happy as they have an excellent, customised promotional item to help them grow their business, and the sales rep is happy because they get an increased order from the venue.

And the brand managers are happy because all of this has been created on a platform that uses clever rules to allow adaptation while still protecting valuable brand equity.

Sales Success

This brand reports that they see sales uplift of around 26% when they use menus to promote their brands within an off-trade venue. And because of the simplicity of using Brandgility, the process was fast and seamless, so it was easy to do, resulting in increased take-up of the menu and promotional offer.