Get to grips with the locals: how to run more efficient regional marketing campaigns

While the world is getting smaller, marketing to that world isn’t getting easier. Today’s customer is fussy – they want you to understand who they are and what they want – and their demands can change dramatically from market to market.

But high customer expectations shouldn’t be feared by global brands. The key is to understand and respond to your audience in each market, and connect with them via the many marketing channels at your fingertips.

Technology is a powerful tool in achieving this, as it enables your head office team to work seamlessly with regional marketers and agencies – launching campaigns that work in each territory, whilst reinforcing your global brand identity.

Let’s take a closer look at how tech can help you run more efficient regional marketing campaigns…

The right technology will play to your international marketing team’s strengths

 While successful brands are usually powered by a central creative team, it’s impossible for that team to know everything about their craft and each market. That’s why most companies have local marketing support in place – either regional teams or a local agency.

For campaigns to work successfully across multiple territories, it’s critical that your head office team works harmoniously with in-market personnel. A global brand deployment solution can help you achieve this, by enabling every person involved to play to their strength.

The senior creative team can develop and share great content, which regional marketers can then adapt for their customers using local market expertise. This makes the process of briefing-in campaigns, localising collateral, and sharing relevant content with potential customers much more efficient across all territories.

With clear communication, your workforce will work better together

In addition to making sure the briefing process is seamless, a successful campaign is built on good relationships between international personnel and local agencies.

We have already discussed how a global brand deployment platform can help each member of staff play to their strengths, but it can also improve the all-important lines of communication between head office and regional staff.

The right technology is not just a one-way solution; in addition to providing a portal to share core assets and brand guidelines, local marketing teams can use the platform to ask questions and upload edited content for approval.

This way, nothing gets lost in translation, and regional teams feel like they have the right level of support in place to quickly and effectively launch new promotions to their customers.

Local is important

Ultimately, it’s a sense of camaraderie and friendship with local people that is core to my journeys. – Tim Cope

Clear communication ensures campaigns are globally and locally relevant

As we mentioned at the start of this blog post, marketing campaigns need to work at a regional level, but they also need to promote international brand messages to your potential customers.

Striking this global/local balance is an eternal challenge for successful brands, and the more territories you enter, the harder this becomes.

A global brand deployment platform can go a long way to solving this problem, by making it easy for regional marketers to adapt content within company brand guidelines. One way of doing this is the central marketing team sharing a core set of collateral for each campaign, with editable sections that each region can then adapt.

Rather than giving each country free reign to develop marketing materials from scratch, this approach is an efficient way to launch locally relevant promotions that reinforce your global brand identity. And as an added bonus, using a core template makes it much easier to get sign off, so your assets make it to market quicker.

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Getting everyone in the right place, at the right time, to drive results

 Ultimately, efficient regional marketing campaigns are driven by everyone involved knowing what they are working on, their role in the process, and what you as a brand are trying to achieve from the activity.

Bring a global brand deployment platform on board is a cost-effective way to create clear lines of communication, a central place to brief-in and share collateral, and enable transparent working relationships between teams located across the world.

With the right marketing technology in place, every marketer – regardless of location – will know exactly what campaigns are being planned and produced at any point in time. More importantly, they will know who to talk to if they have a query, and who needs to sign off content, to ensure no off-brand assets slip through the net.

Make your local marketing campaigns more efficient with Brandgility

If you want to easily distribute your global campaigns to local markets, and give your regional teams the power to customise content without going off-brand, your business needs Brandgility by Elateral.

Our platform gives marketers the ability to configure multiple assets into a single campaign kit, which can then be digitally shared with teams in any location. Not only that, our workflow approval process will encourage regional personnel to share localised assets for approval – so you’re always working from the same brand stance.

To discover how Brandgility can help you efficiently tailor regional marketing campaigns, visit our product page.

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