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Are you making the most of your marketing tech stack?

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Get more value from your existing martech stack

There is some seriously smart marketing technology out there, such as Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools or Product Information Management (PIM) tools, that can help businesses succeed.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools have revolutionized marketing content distribution.  Way back when, marketing content that needed to be used in global markets started out having to be recreated from scratch in those markets.  Then digital publishing came along and distribution moved to file sharing – whether through the ‘sneakernet’ of physical drive or CD distribution, or links in emails.  As files got larger, digital file sharing sites such as wetransfer became the best method to get content out.  As internet speeds became faster, shared or synced folders were the best way to go.

Now, we have DAMs, that can ensure that users can only access the right files; automatically replace old files with an updated version; and have filters to help users to find exactly what they need at the right time.

According to Symantec, 51 percent of marketing executives believe that their marketing technologies and data are only loosely integrated.

A chart showing the evolution of file sharing

The evolution of file sharing – how marketing content has historically been distributed around the globe for localization

Product Information Management (PIM) tools have had the same revolutionary impact on the product information that is used in that same marketing content.  Whether it is safety information, product dimensions, ingredients, descriptions or straplines, it can all be contained in the PIM.  Product marketers and sales teams anywhere in the world can get the right information at the right time.  If any information needs to change, updates can flow seamlessly through the PIM to users without having to manage version control.

The difficulty with DAMs and PIMs is that as they are used to store more and more content, especially content that has lots of versions, they can turn into massive repositories of information that balloon into a huge collection of assets that users find hard to navigate – especially if assets need lots of variations that are similar to each other. As each new asset is created and added to the DAM or PIM, it increases the number of filters that are needed to find the right asset, and the risk of the wrong one being used.

Organizations have spent a great deal of time and money, selecting and deploying DAM and PIM solutions. However, to truly leverage this investment, and limit the ever-present threat of manual mistakes when accessing assets, integration into an automated content adaptation workflow is vital.

A way to avoid having your content platforms stuffed full of multiple versions of the same item is to have one perfect asset that can be adapted as needed, and only when needed, instead of storing lots of different versions.  Imagine how powerful that can make the whole system – users have one location to find content to adapt and it automatically integrates with the DAM and the PIM to feed exactly the right information into the right places, including baked-in rules that ensure brand and legal compliance.  No need to store different versions – just perfect content, on-demand, anytime.

Finding the right asset among lots of similar assets can be challenging.

Where’s Wally? Finding the right asset among lots of similar assets can be challenging.

Brandgility integrates with your existing DAMs and PIMs

Brandgiilty turns marketing and sales content into templates that can easily be adapted by local markets.  Content can be adapted in many ways, from changing the copy and images to changing the shape and size.  This means that instead of having to create and store a different web banner for every potential need, field teams can just access the one banner and adapt it into exactly what they want in seconds.

Brandgility’s flexible connectors and APIs can integrate with all leading Marketing DAMs and PIMs. Brandgility APIs allow integration with other corporate technology, including SSO, to provide a seamless experience for all users.

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