Effective, localized content has been shown to create a sales uplift of 150% 2019-09-16T16:25:03+00:00

How do you stop missing millions in sales?

Content not produced due to staffing or slow turnaround is millions in sales not made.

Effective, localized content has been shown to create a sales uplift of 150%

For many companies, there are field teams in local markets that have a deep understanding of the nuances of working within that market, and harnessing this knowledge can make a huge difference to the success of any campaign.

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A campaign that is distributed from the center may not be able to accommodate this local knowledge and may miss out on reaping the benefits that it can bring to the campaign, while a campaign that allows the local markets too much freedom can struggle to maintain brand consistency and equity.

Being able to create content that allows local markets to adapt within guidelines is the best way to solve this problem.

What difference would a sales uplift of 150% make to your budget?

For many brands, enabling their local markets, whether field sales teams or local marketers, to adapt global campaigns to have this kind of impact can prove difficult.  Managing the processes around getting localized content into the field can be a signficant challenge, as can ensuring that your brand is protected.

If the right materials can be deployed to the market quickly, this bestows a massive advantage for the sales team. For example, in the beverage sector, some brands are reporting %150 uplift in sales if tailored menus featuring their brands are put in the hands of their consumers at the point of purchase.

Sales uplifts of this type can be seen across the board with the right local content adaptations at the right time.

Having appropriate marketing material at hand if an opportunity to participate in a promotion comes up can make a huge difference to being able to take advantage of the sales lift that promotional opportunities can present.  For example, according to a Category Management Association report titled Revolutionary In-store Insights: Endcap Displays and the Shopper, having your marketing materials appear on an end-cap in a supermarket can result in a 44.3% purchase rate from shoppers who pass it.

a graph showing 44.3% purchase rate increase

Being on an end-cap can result in a 44.3% purchase rate

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