Understanding the importance of good Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software is a technology platform that enables brands or agencies to upload, store, and share key files – including images and video assets – across your organisation. Embracing this software can make a massive difference to the performance of your marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for a better way for your colleagues or account teams to manage marketing collateral and streamline the campaign production process, here are just some of the benefits that Digital Asset Management solutions can deliver:

Organized storage to avoid mishaps

Whether teams are printing to review or sharing files digitally, it’s easy for assets to end up being saved and stored in multiple formats and locations. This can result in numerous problems, including poor version control, communication issues, and time is lost trying to find the right file.

Digitizing document management through a central solution eradicates all this disorganization to enable quicker working processes, as every user can find the media file they need – whatever their role and wherever they are located.

A standardized way of working

Centralizing marketing processes and documentation within your business not only creates a more streamlined way of working, it makes it easier to be consistent across all teams and campaigns.

A good DAM software solution will have built-in features, such as category tags and filing rules, which standardize the way users save and share files. This creates a single, business-wide protocol for the management of important campaign documents across your entire organization.

Easier, better briefing processes

When launching a marketing campaign, it’s easy for an important stakeholder to get missed out of the briefing process, or for key information to be miscommunicated.

DAM software often includes essential templates to improve briefing documents and other vital processes, making the communication of vital information easier between colleagues and teams.

Not only that, but the software also records all communications in a single place, so if anyone needs a quick overview or joins the campaign, later on, they can easily be brought up to speed.

No more burdensome file storage

Too many companies find their email systems are clogged up by huge file attachments, not to mention that sharing documents on email or a file transfer system can result in confusion over where assets are located, or which is the latest version.

By running the campaign through a digital platform, hyperlinks to the correct content can be sent to the relevant people within your business. This makes it easier to launch and control campaigns, reduces the strain on computer storage, and ensures nothing goes missing in people’s spam folders.

Built-in reporting to prove ROI

Campaigns are only as successful as the output they deliver, but being able to monitor and feed key successes back to internal and external stakeholders is often a complex and time-consuming task for marketing teams.

The right DAM solution will include reporting features within the software so that users can analyze and communicate achievements with important team members much more quickly, and with greater depth and accuracy.

This way, not only are your marketing campaigns being run more efficiently; they are grounded in a science that demonstrates tangible ROI to budget holders.

Manage your digital assets more effectively with Brandgility

Given the number of benefits that Digital Asset Management software offers, what are you waiting for?

Brandgility can help you manage your digital assets more effectively; request a demo today.

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