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The DAM / Sales Growth Divide

The Digital Asset Management or DAM world today focuses on making it faster and easier to access the right marketing content. Which is great.

What seems to be missing is the next part of the story. Which marketing collateral to use in which situation and how to use it correctly and most effectively. Or more succinctly, how to use your DAM assets to produce marketing collateral that increases sales and generates a DAM Dividend.


My background includes a few decades of experience working with Consumer Packaged Goods companies. These companies measure the impact of every piece of marketing content. Those measurements tell them: which promotional materials to use, in which markets, at which accounts, targeting which shoppers, using what price point or offer, for which product. And they know why; in dollars and cents.

The DAM Dividend Hiding in Plain Sight

When a company completes a DAM project, they know their DAM investment lowers the time and cost to access marketing content. They track those improvements. What they usually don’t know or think about is the next step. How that same DAM investment can increase sales and generate a DAM Dividend through proper and effective use of those assets in marketing collateral. They are not alone.

Life before a DAM is costly and risky. Costly because producing marketing content was a series of scavenger hunts for the correct marketing content. It often involved recreating content because content that existed couldn’t be found. Risky because marketing content was often misused.

With your DAM in place, it’s easier to find the marketing assets designers need to design marketing collateral. But customizing marketing collateral to satisfy unique field requests is still labor intensive. Since designers have unique and expensive skills, when you use your skilled designers as marketing collateral editors, it’s not the most effective use of their design skills or your budget dollars. It also creates creative bottlenecks that prevent your designers from designing new and better marketing collateral.

Designers customize marketing collateral today because, even though it’s inefficient, they need to. The tools used to customize marketing collateral require training and designer skills. And if designers don’t create your marketing content, the results can be a bit questionable.

The key to unlocking your DAM Dividend is to make it easy for non-designers to safely customize marketing collateral in the field. Make it easy for those closest to the client – salespeople, agents, partners, location operators – to safely incorporate what they know about their client, market, or store without the need for designer skills. Your DAM Dividend is your reward for making it easy, using your DAM assets, to locally customized marketing collateral that connects with customers and prospects and generates more sales.

How Much is Your DAM Dividend?

The same focus on reducing time and costs that drove your DAM investment will expand your return from your DAM investment when you add local marketing collateral customization capabilities.

Moving marketing collateral customization to the field reduces the time and cost to produce customized digital and print marketing collateral by as much as 90%. This will also get your customized marketing collateral more quickly to where you need it, when you need it.

Letting marketing collateral be safely customized in the field by those who best know the client and market delivers sales growth ranges from 25% to 150%. That range is driven by the effectiveness of your marketing content and your industry.

As a bonus, and thanks to your DAM, when you make it possible for anyone to easily and safely customize your marketing collateral within a closed system, you eliminate fines for use of unlicensed content from renegade field marketers. Those fines start in the tens of thousands of dollars and no large brand is immune.

How to Unlock your DAM Dividend

To unlock your DAM dividend, marketing collateral customization must move away from designers to the field and into the hands of non-designers. These remote employees or partners and agents are closest to your customers and prospects. They know the most about their clients, prospects, markets and locations. 

Field sales, retail owners, managers, reps, and sometimes field marketers can all customize marketing collateral. But there needs to be built-in protections to safeguard your brand image and message. Most of these field personnel are not savvy marketers. The system they use to customize marketing content needs to be closed and use only the marketing templates your designers have developed, with embedded brand guidance enforcement, and the authorized marketing content stored in your DAM.

When you get this right, designers spend their time designing better looking and better performing marketing collateral. Field people don’t have to jump through hoops to get just what they need to promote an event, generate awareness, or compel a prospect to take a meeting or make a purchase. Costs decline and sales increase. And you get a lot more valuable use and return from your DAM investment.

What does Capturing the DAM Dividend look like to You

Imagine every encounter you have with a customer or prospect being supported by marketing collateral that’s both on brand and entirely relevant to that customer or prospect. Even on the same day. Or during a meeting.

Let’s say a prospect calls an agent and wants to talk about saving for college. The agent learns the prospect’s child is a toddler. That local agent, without appealing to a designer, customizes and shares a sell sheet that shows a picture of a toddler with stock copy and data that explains the value of acting early to achieve the greatest college savings benefit. A follow up email is issued reinforcing the same message and a matching postcard is sent. All uniform. All based on that initial call. All customized in the field.

If that agent’s next call is with someone who wants to save for college but their child is in high school, the agent customizes and shares a sell sheet with an image of an older student and stock copy and data that reinforces that it’s never too late to start saving.

The situations and ways anyone can quickly, easily and safely customize your digital and print marketing collateral to match client and prospect situations are endless.

The ability to efficiently and safely customize and deliver marketing collateral at the point of customer contact, without any design skills, lowers your cost and time to produce customized marketing collateral and increases the sales you generate from that marketing collateral.

DAM (Digital Asset Management) Infographic

Get Started Now

You probably want your dividend from your DAM investment. The good news is, we’ve made it easy to reduce the time and cost to locally customize marketing collateral while protecting your brand message.

Our Brandgility local marketing collateral customization platform is a closed marketing platform that plugs right into your DAM content and delivers everything you need.

  • Designers get a tool that lets them convert their static marketing collateral into field customizable templates that enforce all your brand guidelines.
  • The field doesn’t have to wait in line for customized marketing collateral. They can safely and easily customize marketing collateral on demand. Content that motivates customers to buy more and prospects to buy from them.
  • Your DAM team sees usage of their DAM content increase by making it easy to customize marketing content in the field.

And of course, there are all the security and workflow approvals you need to continuously protect your brand, marketing collateral and marketing budgets.

The best news is, you’re just weeks away from earning a DAM Dividend from your DAM investment.

Request a Demo today and lets discuss the steps to understand how you can start collecting your DAM Dividend.

John Hennessy
Chief Revenue Officer, Elateral

Tech Stack 2020


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