Digital Asset Management

What is DAM?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software is a technology platform that enables brands or agencies to upload, store, and share key files – including images and video assets – across your organisation. 

If you’re looking for a better way to manage marketing collateral with your colleagues and account teams, Digital Asset Management is what you need. A DAM can also help to streamline and manage the campaign production process.

Digital Asset Management

The Value of Digital Asset Management

Cloud based marketing technology

Centralized Storage

Customer Base

Access Controls

User Interface and User Experience

Standardized Workflows

Brandgility + Your DAM = Unlimited Possibilities

Integrate Brandgility with your existing DAM for the ultimate marketing customization experience. Connecting all your company’s marketing assets to Brandgility will give your teams the flexibility to create and customize all variety of materials, both print and digital. Make selected assets available within customizable templates using metadata filtering and user access roles, to produce locally relevant yet centrally designed marketing campaigns.

See how Brandgility readily integrates with a variety of popular systems…

No DAM? No Problem!

Brandgility has all the necessary tools to get you started with Digital Asset Management:

  • Add assets singularly or in bulk.
  • Control access to assets by user role.
  • Enrich assets through the addition of metadata to assist with search and organization.
  • Preview visual assets such as images, logos and graphics.
  • Access, download and order assets for distribution.

Add an external DAM system at any time and seamlessly transition your existing Brandgility assets across to your new DAM system.

Collaboration within Brandgility