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What drives Dave:

Occam’s razor –  The principle that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.

Dave Sykes

Chief Technology Officer

Dave Sykes is a founding member of the Elateral team, having joined when the company first started.

Dave’s drive for excellence in the systems that underpin Elateral’s platform is what has inspired Dave to ensure that the platform has world-class stability and security. This passion for performance is shared with Dave’s entire team of developers and vendors.

Day to day responsibility

In his role as CTO, Dave has responsibility for the technology-based activities at Elateral, including software development, platform architecture and cloud hosting strategies.

Dave also oversees all of the outsourced hosting, information security and support functions that all ensure the reliability of the platform, along with building partnerships with our key vendors and ensuring that Elateral makes use of the leading technology.

Career History

As a founding member of Elateral, Dave has been an integral part of the team since the beginning. Having previously held the position of Head of Engineering at Elateral, where he was responsible for the smooth running of all production systems, Dave has been deeply involved in every aspect of Elateral’s success.


Dave studied Computer Science at the University of Kent.  Dave graduated in 1992 with a BSc Hons.