The undeniable correlation between marketing content output and revenue

marketing content output

Will this actually increase our sales revenue? More importantly, will it boost our profits?

Marketing exists to move your sales needle in the right direction. It follows that for each and every marketing initiative your organization undertakes, these are the questions you need to ask.

Marketing content should not be immune to this analysis. At heart, this involves creating and distributing content to defined audiences with a view to driving profitable customer action. It sounds a sensible enough strategy, but does it actually work? And does more content tend to higher profits?

The evidence in favor of putting content front and center of your marketing strategy is strong. That said, there’s a lot more to achieving success than simply ramping up your output volume. The most effective campaigns deploy content that’s valuable, relevant, consistent in its tone, and key to this is the ability to create and adapt content so that it resonates with local audiences.  

Here’s a closer look at how content drives sales and at how to maximise your chances of content marketing success.

Why content remains central to your sales-driven marketing strategy

When quizzed about their budgets for 2019, 50% of b2b and 57% of b2c marketers said that their spend on marketing content was set to increase over the coming year. For both categories of marketers, the lion’s share of that budget (56%) was to be allocated to actual content creation.

So why are savvy marketers so keen to invest in this area? The figures speak for themselves:

It drives conversions.  In fact, businesses that invest in high quality, consistent content achieve conversion rates that are almost six times higher than companies that are lacking this focus.

It’s cost effective. Research suggests that marketing content generates three times more leads than traditional methods of outbound marketing, at 62% lower cost.  

It’s what your audience is looking for. In business sales, 40% of buyers consume 3 to 5 pieces of content before even reaching out to the sales team. Customers actively welcome useful, informative content: you are effectively arming them with the information they need to make the right buying decisions.

Research suggests that marketing content generates three times more leads than traditional methods of outbound marketing, at 62% lower cost.

Optimizing content output for maximum sales

Imagine you’re the marketing head of a global brand. You recognize the potential of content as a means of helping you hit your revenue targets. You are also willing to invest further in content creation.

But you also recognize that to maximize the return on that investment, the following are relevant:

Localized content works best. Customers are looking for relevant, useful, and relatable information. Rather than distributing the exact same centrally-produced material to all audiences and successful brands tend to adapt it to meet the preferences and needs of local audiences. 80% of marketers across the US, UK, Germany, and France consider this strategy to be crucial for exploiting new markets.

Teams on the ground are best placed to produce this content. In all likelihood, they know the needs and preferences of these customer groups better than anyone else in your business.

Are you ready for the content output challenge?

Content output drives revenue. In fact, if you are going to deliver the type of hyper-relevant, contextualized content that really drives sales, you are going to need a lot of content.

That’s why, as well as prioritizing content creation, you should also look to invest in the type of tools and processes that help you meet the content output challenge.

Combining a central hub for all your brand assets combined with smart templating capabilities, Brandgility is one such tool. Its core strength is that it enables your people on the ground to create and adapt materials to suit local needs while keeping you in full control of what can and cannot be changed.

Cost-effective, rapid production of on-brand content: this is exactly what you need to drive revenue. 

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