The Tower of Babel

Global Brand Deployment

The challenges of marketing in many different languages.

Running a successful international brand is not without its challenges, and getting your marketing collateral to work seamlessly across several languages is one of the biggest.

Challenge 1 – multi-location asset alteration

Many brands choose to develop marketing campaigns centrally and distribute materials to regional teams and agencies, in order to ensure brand consistency. However, regional success means more than simply ‘lifting and shifting’ materials into a different language.

To overcome this challenge, many companies use a global brand deployment platform to share marketing templates with regional teams. These contain editable sections, but local agencies cannot change the document from scratch.

Challenge 2 – international brand consistency

As we’ve already mentioned, one key issue that global brands face when translating content is dealing with regional teams and agencies making their own, off-brand changes.

For example, head office brand and marketing teams can use the platform to provide a repository of official imagery and fonts for regional teams to download. This means local marketers are only drawing on authorized assets when adapting content.

Challenge 3 – legal liabilities

A global brand deployment platform doesn’t just make marketing activation easier; it picks up costly and culpable mistakes.

With a global brand deployment platform in place, your business can maintain tighter control over regional collateral to limit the chances of incompliant changes. Legal teams can issue guidelines to marketers, while local agencies can run any adaptations past head office to ensure that edits are consistent with global brand regulations.

Finding the right global brand deployment platform for your business

Brandgility by Elateral makes it easy for businesses to distribute and launch multilingual marketing campaigns across international territories. To discover how we can help your firm translate the collateral into dozens of languages,


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