Can templated content adaptation solve your speed-to-market problem?

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What do the very best billboards, magazine spreads and online banner spaces all have in common? It’s all about availability.

When they appear on the market, they tend not to stick around for very long. Sometimes, a last-minute opening will fall into your lap that’s too good to pass up. So are you ready and willing to take full advantage?

Much of the conversation surrounding campaign creation regards planning. It tends to assume that there’s always a timetable in place for content production, distribution and publication and that this schedule is set in stone. In reality, and especially when it comes to paid media, opportunities that you previously considered out of reach can suddenly become viable.

To take advantage, you need flexibility – and the ability to produce or adapt your promotional material quickly. To grab the best value-for-money promotional space, speed to market is a must.

Here’s a closer look at how to ensure that time-limited promotional openings don’t pass you by.

The Problem: When Promotional Content is Needed Right Away…

Let’s say, for instance, that a premium billboard close to one of your branch locations suddenly becomes available at a discount rate.

Or, perhaps, you might suddenly be faced with the need to get a specific message out to new or existing customers, as would be the case if the asset management firm that hires a new superstar fund manager and who wants to publicize the move before her following of existing clients go elsewhere.

When you have multiple branches, you may even find yourself in need of creating multiple materials – all of which will differ slightly. An example may be a flash end of season sale to make room for new stock where existing stock levels vary between branches.

You are unlikely to have specifically planned for these situations, but capitalizing on them demands swift action.

Meeting the challenge: the need to delegate

In situations such as bargain special offers on advertising space, who has the ability to say ‘Yes’? A drawn-out process for authorization could mean missing out on the opportunity; especially if it involves the ad space broker contacting the local branch, the local branch marketing manager contacting HQ and authorization then having to pass back down the chain. This is why, if your campaign involves an element of local paid advertising, it is worth giving your people on the ground some budget authorization leeway; it means they can snap up offers such as this, should they arrive.

Delegation applies to content creation, too. If your central office handles all content creation for all promotion, it can result in an incredibly unwieldy process if the urgent need for location-specific content arises at short notice. It’s far better if local branches have the authority to do this on the ground.

With the right templating tools, you can ensure that certain elements of your promotional material is fixed and unchangeable

The need for adaptable content

To fix the problem, you need content that is capable of being adapted by people in the field: in other words, ‘master copies’ of key documents and other marketing material that people can add to or amend when the need to publish arises at short notice.

There are then two further issues to consider:

  • Do these teams have the technical capabilities to actually produce the content (and to get it done rapidly)?
  • Will the content be on-brand and on-message? Remember: just because the opportunity has arisen at short notice, you still need to ensure that the end results do not end up doing more harm than good to your brand image.

A central bank of campaign content that can be adapted with ease by local teams can help you address both of these issues; more specifically, templated content adaptation. Here’s why…

A simpler process for content creation. Ideally, promotional materials – whether they be for print, physical display or digital formats – can be adapted with ease; even by team members with no specialist skillsets. And of course, readymade templates are less time-consuming than creating documents from the ground up: a must when the final copy needs to be filed ‘by the end of the day’.

Control. With the right templating tools, you can ensure that certain elements of your promotional material is fixed and unchangeable – from tag lines and font layout right through to your core message. Teams on the ground will be able to tweak and adapt to meet their specific needs – but you’ll still be in control of your central message – no matter how quick the process from creation to publication.

What next?

A strong global campaign coupled with the ability of your teams to tweak your message at short notice: this is your essential toolkit for taking advantage of the very best media and messaging opportunities. To discover how your brand can achieve this, take a look at the Brandgility platform today.

Content driven sales playbook from Elateral


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