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Protect Your Brand

When it comes to organising, producing and distributing marketing material for multinational brands, problems can arise from the scale at which same companies need to operate. The more people involved in the process, as well as having to manage teams all over the world, increases the chance of issues arising.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

Warren Buffett

Some of these problems, like using an outdated logo, can have an impact on the brand but usually are not too costly in the long run. However, other mistakes can incur financial penalties and even have legal ramifications. Thankfully, Brandgility can help reduce the risk of this occurring and help to protect your brand from these issues. 

Stock Imagery & Usage Rights

Stock footage and images can be a valuable asset to your marketing material. They give you the ability to add some extra content into your campaign without having to do the legwork of getting the footage yourself. However, this comes with some risks attached.

When using stock imagery, you have to be careful not to violate the usage rights agreement. This can include not using stock footage after a certain time period, and breaking this can lead to fines, which will directly decrease the campaign’s return on investment. Additionally, this has more of an affect on larger companies, as the fine would be increased for a larger marketing rollout.

Thankfully, using Brandgility will go a long way to prevent this from happening. The platform allows you to manage all the imagery, footage and branding that can be used to make the marketing material. The central team can also set an expiry date, after which specific images or collateral containing them cannot be used. This means that the people putting the material together will not be able to use the footage after the agreed time, so no usage rights agreements will be violated.

Local Versioning Limits

Another huge advantage of using Brandgility is that it allows you to be flexible in local markets. This makes it easy to customise marketing material for specific regions, making the campaign as effective as it can be. Additionally, it allows you to have control over what assets can be used where, which will prevent your local offices from using material in regions that might break the licensing agreement. When operating on a large scale, across multiple regions, this can be difficult to control, but Brandgility makes it so much easier to manage and monitor.

Centrally Controlled Disclaimers

When running a campaign that has any promotions or giveaways, disclaimers will have to be attached. With so many different branches creating and localising material, there is a chance that a mistake can be made with the small print, which can lead to a litigation nightmare. It can also lead to having to recall, reproduce and redistribute marketing material, if the mistake is discovered too late. However, with Brandgility’s templating and approval system, the disclaimers can be put on all the material centrally, making sure that it does not contain any errors.  

Rules Based Templating

A number of Brandgility customers are using the platform to ensure that when particular accreditations or classifications are used on their materials they are always accompanied by the relevant disclaimers and legal lines. Rules can be configured to automatically apply disclaimers and legal lines when when particular elements (accreditations, awards, certifications, and more) are added by the user. These rules mean that the central team don’t have to worry about users forgetting to add the disclaimers or adding them in a non-compliant manner.

If you would like to know more about how Brandgility can aid your brand’s legal compliance in marketing (& more), contact the team for a demo.

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