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A revolution in content production

Content production is hard to do – crafting the perfect message for every occasion – especially for global brands that need to produce that content in multiple languages, with local assets.  Add to that the fact that the need for content keeps growing as users need more and more personalized content, campaigns turnaround faster and last for less time, and online and in-store need to be perfectly aligned and you’ve got a task that is getting harder by the day.

And the cost of producing that content is growing faster than the financial rewards for having the content.  The ROI is not keeping up with the need.

Automation is the answer

Having a human perform each of these tasks is expensive and not fast enough, and this is not the only industry that is recognizing this.  Automation is everywhere – from self-checkouts to automated assistants like Siri and Alexa – because there are so many things that an automated system can do faster and cheaper than a human.  Automation is not automatic, ironically, and can take some work to get going, but once in place, it can revolutionize your work in a way that will deliver results that make it all worth it.

Time for a Revolution

Your business needs you to find newer, better ways of getting work done. And they need you to find them and implement them now; to be at the leading edge of the transformation of the future so that you can bring those benefits to bear quickly. The agencies that can bring the future into play now are the ones that will get the work of the future.  If you invest in automating your business, you’ll reap the benefits.

How to automate?

So how would this work in the content production world?  Once you’ve found an automation tool that can allow you to produce content systematically, all it takes is a little planning – start at the beginning and work with your design teams to create content that is designed for automation, which means that it has space for content to be adapted, such as headlines, variable elements such as logos or graphics, and potentially can be translated. 

Work with your teams across your organization to understand how to use the new automation to make their work faster and cleaner.  And create some guidelines that will ensure that the automation is the same each time, which makes it easy to apply repeatedly, multiplying the benefits.

Click here to read more about the Brandgility template production platform.


Automation is where you need to be now to protect your future. If you can win at this now you’ll be ensuring your market for years to come, leading the market and setting the rules.

You don’t need to do this alone.  Brandgility has almost 20 years of experience at automating content production, which we love to share with our customers.  We got this experience by having a market-leading platform that allows you to create automated content for your markets to adapt to their specific local needs, quickly and effectively.

If you’d like to know more about how Brandgility can help you with this, click here to contact us for a demonstration and discussion today.


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