3 Ways To Increase Your Marketing Campaign ROI

Campaign ROI

Leading brands are taking content marketing more seriously than ever before, and with good reason; the conversion rate of quality content is 6 times higher than other popular marketing techniques, according to recent research by Aberdeen.

However, making sure your marketing campaign delivers good results is down to more than just getting the collateral right. To get the best campaign ROI, your campaigns also need to be cost-effective.

Yet, all too often, brands let complicated distribution processes affect the performance and cost of marketing assets – particularly if those campaigns span multiple markets and large international regions.

This is where templating can come into its own, by helping your team to deliver quicker, slicker campaigns to distributed marketing teams across the world. But to make sure these templates drive value, they need to be powered by the right content adaptation platform.

3 Core Benefits to Investing in a Content Adaptation Platform

Here are 3 reasons that your brand should be investing in software that can deliver templated collateral to your business, and the benefits you can expect in return.

Benefit 1 – Templates make launching campaigns much more efficient

Many brands operate a central marketing model, where your campaigns are created by head office and then localised for regional customers. However, the chain of communication between head office and in-market teams is often complex, which makes launching new campaigns both complicated and time consuming.

Templating your campaign is a really easy way to make this process more efficient. By doing it this way, the central marketing team can create a set of core collateral, which is shared with regional teams or agencies via a digital brand deployment platform, for them to adapt for local audiences.

With a set of templates available, local teams can also search through all the content produced globally to pick out the best assets for their regional customer base. In addition to providing them with the most relevant assets, this ensures that all the content you’re producing internationally gets used regularly – increasing its value to your business.

Benefit 2 – Regional marketers can adapt content for local audiences, without losing consistency

A common by-product of manually organised campaigns is that regional teams don’t always receive clear instructions. They can also be left out of the loop entirely when it comes to knowing what collateral is available.

As a result, local marketing teams and agencies can go off-book and create their own campaigns to fill the gap, which aren’t consistent with your overall brand message.

And even if your central team does share materials with local partners, they may still make extensive changes to the campaign – compromising your global brand identity.

By introducing editable templates, your head office marketers can set which parts of a campaign asset can be customised by regional marketers, along with permutations that must be followed when changing copy or images. This way, all collateral works at a local level, whilst still supporting your international brand values.

Using editable templates means any resizing or design changes can be made within an approved brand framework. This enables regional teams to still adapt collateral, but within a consistent brand template – so your core company values are recognisable across the world.

Benefit 3 – Templating keeps the cost down when launching a global campaign, leading to increased campaign ROI

It’s very easy for an international campaign budget to spiral out of control. Regional adaptations and local approvals aren’t just time consuming; they can be costly as well.

Introducing templates with fixed areas that regional marketers can adapt reduces the number of local versions needed before sign off is achieved, making it quicker and cheaper to launch your campaigns across multiple markets.

Not only that, there are positive benefits from a legal perspective as well. With the right global brand deployment platform, essential text, such as legal wording, can be automatically updated for each market, to ensure compliance as well as cost-effectiveness.

Using templates to create content that’s engaging AND good value

Ultimately, improving the ROI of your brand campaign can be done in two ways: making the materials drive more sales, or cutting back the cost of production. And introducing content templates can help you achieve both these things.

With the right content adaptation platform, you can use templates to ensure that all your marketing teams can easily use centrally-produced assets, and make them relevant to their customers without going off-brand.

Create flexible, templated campaigns with Brandgility

As a leader in brand marketing technology, we understand the importance of running cost-effective campaigns, which is why Elateral’s content adaptation platform, Brandgility, features easy-to-use template technology.

Brandgility enables your business to create local content quickly and simply, while remaining on brand standards, by delivering a ‘campaign kit’ to each region.

To discover for yourself how templating content with Brandgility can improve your marketing campaigns, request a live demo today.


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