Is Content Adaptation Tech the Key to Boosting Your Campaign ROI?


Brand marketers are under intense pressure to deliver results from campaigns. Yet 63% of CMOs say generating leads remains their biggest challenge, according to HubSpot data.

This underlines the fact that content marketing isn’t just about developing great ideas; every asset needs to drive quantifiable results to be a success. However, too many CMOs are under-delivering on campaign ROI due to easily solvable problems.

One of these problems is getting the right assets to all your markets, at the right time. A content adaptation platform can solve this challenge, increasing the value of your collateral, and make it quicker and easier to launch internationally-scalable marketing campaigns.

If you’re considering a content adaptation platform for your business, let’s look at how it can help your brand to boost campaign ROI…

Every marketing stakeholder knows exactly what’s going on

No matter how big your marketing workforce is, across how many countries, with a content adaptation platform you can share relevant assets with everyone. This means your entire global team is working in a coordinated manner, and every piece of content is being used in every market – increasing its ROI.

Using technology to automate and your campaign distribution means nothing gets lost in the system, and nobody gets left out. So whether you’re using a network of regional marketers or partner agencies (or a combination of the two), you can easily collaborate on a single global marketing strategy through the platform.

Plus, if you’re choosing to go down the agency route, content adaptation is a great way to involve them more closely, as internal and external communications can be channelled through a single platform.

Local teams can curate their own campaigns from centrally designed materials

Many brands choose to develop a central marketing strategy, but give regional marketing teams the power to tailor a campaign for local audiences.

By automatically sharing assets with your regional marketing workforce, you enable them to adapt materials they feel will work best for their potential customers, using their in-market expertise.

In addition, an automated content distribution platform cuts down the number of inconsistent or off-brand campaigns being launched across your business, because regional teams know exactly what’s available at a global level.

Your content adaptation system provides editable templates to local marketers, so regional teams can customise collateral within your brand guidelines. This is a great way to deliver localisation without the cost of creating separate campaigns for each individual market.

Spend less time on administration and fixing errors

Trying to launch a global campaign manually is a very time-consuming task, and it places a huge communications burden on your senior marketing team.

If there’s no simple way to share official campaign materials, it is easy for regional teams to end up creating their own collateral, which will need correcting by head office before it goes to market.

Automated content distribution cuts down on the back-and-forth communications that cost your business so much time and energy. It also gives regional teams and agencies complete transparency over the assets available to them – making the international execution process much more cost-effective.

You don’t need a huge marketing team in each country

Often CMOs are under pressure to run a lean marketing operation, and that can mean launching campaigns in countries where you have very few marketers on the ground.

A content adaptation platform can help you to achieve good results with a lean approach, as it enables the central marketing function to provide ‘off the shelf’ campaigns to small teams in each region, rather than having to employ huge local resources.

If you’re just getting started in a new market, or you’re testing the water on a smaller scale, this approach empowers your brand to launch campaigns cost-effectively with a skeleton team, who can then oversee in-market activation.

It’s easy to scale-up campaigns as your brand grows

Even a well-tuned marketing machine can start to struggle as your global footprint grows, and it’s easy to end up with a piecemeal global marketing team, working to several different (and not always complimentary) strategies.

A central content distribution system makes it easy to get campaigns up and running across multiple markets. Not only that, it creates a highly scalable model that can continue to drive ROI as your business grows; all you need to do is add the marketing team or agency in each new country to your distribution list.

Adapted content distribution is your key to global growth

Ultimately, campaign ROI relies on two things: every asset engaging your customers in each market, and the system to share and localise those assets running efficiently.

With a self-service content adaptation platform, you can achieve both of these things, to launch effective campaigns on a global scale, no matter how big your business grows.

By automatically sharing assets with each regional team or agency, your business can orchestrate campaigns that deliver results in each market, without compromising your overall brand identity, or causing your marketing costs to spiral.

Automate your content adaptation and distribution with Brandgility

If you’re looking to make your marketing assets work harder for your business, Elateral’s Brandgility solution can automate the adaptation and deployment of your omnichannel marketing campaigns.

We’re already empowering global consumer goods brands to launch international campaigns from a single platform – read our case study to find out more or request a live demo.


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