Keeping your data safe: ISO27001 Certification Achieved

Information Security
ISO27001 Certified

At Elateral, security is always a top priority. In an era when security threats are widespread, a SaaS company cannot fail to have adequate security controls in place to deliver a trustworthy product. Every day, our team operates with the goal of providing a secure and reliable service to all our customers. Achieving the highest level of security accreditation is a team effort; it has become embedded in our culture.

We are therefore proud to announce that we have achieved certification to ISO27001:2013, the global standard for information security management.


ISO27001:2013 is the most globally recognized and well-regarded standard for the security of enterprise software. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent, non-governmental international organization. They bring together leading experts to share knowledge and develop consensus-based international standards. As the top certification for Information Security Management, ISO27001 prescribes a set of rules on how organizations should manage and securely handle information to safeguard its integrity, confidentiality and availability. 

Why set out on this journey? 

Besides demonstrating our commitment to information security, other benefits motivated us to become ISO 27001 certified. Putting an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in place is about preventing security breaches and keeping both our and our customer’s data safe. This serves to increase customer confidence in our organization. 

Having a robust ISMS allows us to minimize risk, and therefore the possible damage caused by a data breach and consequential costs and reputational damage to our customers and us. We have a structured method to address compliance requirements and systematic detection of vulnerabilities. We are focused on continuous improvement, which leads to lower costs.  

It also gives us an advantage in the market. Achieving accreditation is not easy. It takes time and investment. Companies must be dedicated to Information Security to embark on this journey. Customers recognize this. New customers can trust that Elateral complies with the highest level of information security.  

Many customers prefer their suppliers to have certification; for some, it is a prerequisite. We are able to achieve a faster turnaround time when responding to Information Security questionnaires and audits, reducing the time it takes us to engage with potential customers. Then there is the issue of compliance. 

As more and more laws and regulations regarding data protection and privacy continue to arise, having a methodology that enables us to adhere to the various legal requirements within our industry in the most efficient way possible is not only important, it is essential. 

Becoming ISO certified 

Achievement of the ISO standard was the product of a process whose beginnings can be found in the way we have always done business. Our constant attention to detail and uncompromising drive to deliver top-quality software solutions led to the development of highly standardized procedures, which resulted in a smooth conversion to ISO 27001 protocols. 

Throughout the whole process, employees became more aware of necessary security measures and understood, to a greater degree, their roles in this vital aspect of our business. With all of the above preparations in place, we were confident that the audit would be successful and were delighted when we received the news that we had passed it. 

What does this mean for you as a customer? 

We take the security of your information seriously and have implemented sophisticated security measures to safeguard it. We want our customers to rely on and fully trust our technology and services.  

By complying with information security best practices and internationally recognized standards, you can have this assurance. Elateral has been independently audited by Approachable Certification, who are accredited by UKAS (the sole national accreditation body in the UK). The ISO 27001 certificate demonstrates that Elateral has properly implemented processes and organizational structures to: 

  • manage all risks related to information security, 
  • protect information assets, and  
  • achieve compliance with international best practices and legislation. 

Accreditation shows our commitment to protecting your information. And it reinforces our focus on maintaining industry-leading security programs and practices. 

Why all of this is important 

We strongly believe that being certified will help us stand out from the crowd and continue to grow. We view it as a recognition of the level of professionalism in our team. It has also given us a sense of accomplishment in being able to achieve such a high standard. 

It goes without saying that things change quickly in the IT industry. Companies are always on the lookout for new solutions, and being able to adapt is a must. The latter is also a considerable part of any ISO standard. Information security is an ongoing process, and we will keep working hard to maintain and exceed our standards to protect both company and customer data. Yearly audits will be performed by an external auditor to attest to our ongoing compliance as we continue to develop and grow our business. By doing such things as monitoring, measuring, and internally auditing our system, taking any corrective actions that are needed, we ensure that it is in a continually improving state. 

This will also help us maintain a culture of security, allowing us to be aware of its importance at all times. It also demonstrates to our customers that our standards are both consistent and high and that we strive for the same when it comes to quality. 

Our goal is to build and maintain trust and credibility in our partnerships so that our customers feel confident that they’ve made the right decision in choosing our company to serve them. 

We look forward to serving you. 

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