Award Winners


Best Marketing Software Provider 2018: Elateral

Self-Service SaaS Platform of the Year, 2018: Brandgility

Elateral and Brandgility have been awarded not one, but two prestigious awards, in the competitive US Business News Technology Elite Awards, 2018 annual rankings.

Technology Elite Awards 2018

The 2018 US Technology Elite Awards once again recognize and celebrate the key players and most ingenious companies within the ever-evolving technology sector from across one of the most advanced nations in the world.


As most industries and enterprises become more reliant on digital solutions, technology companies face increasing pressure to not just keep up with advancements, but to be the trailblazers within the market, ensuring their products and services are among the most cutting-edge available.

The awards showcase the industry leaders from amongst the most talented in systems and software development, manufacturers of electronics, to the companies who offer ground-breaking technologies and services which ensure clients and consumers remain at the cusp of technological innovation.

Competitive Landscape

Elateral was nominated to enter the awards and was assessed by a panel of industry expert judges, who deemed Elateral to be the best entry in the Best Marketing Software Provider and Brandgility, our self-service content adaptation platform that empowers a brand’s to produce and deploy local versions of centrally created campaigns, using the fastest and easiest templating platform available today, at dramatically lower costs and greater speed-to-market, to be the Self-Service SaaS Platform of the Year.

“It’s a great honour to be recognised with two awards at this year’s Technology Elite Awards. These kind of awards are what all organizations aspire to and the award is a testament to the passionate team who deliver world-class solutions for our wonderful clients.  We are delighted that our investment in making the best platform in the market has been acknowledged in this way.”

— Peter Blackburn, CEO of Elateral. 

Market-Leading Technology

Elateral has completely overhauled its templating technology to ensure that Brandgility has the fastest, most powerful, yet easy to use templating anywhere in the market.  Using the new, intuitive, interface, creating a template can take minutes, whether starting from scratch, adapting an existing template, or using one of the plug-ins for the Adobe suite of tools. The payoff for clients is that creating a new campaign is simpler and faster than ever before, and new campaigns can make it to market almost instantly.


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