Elateral announces a new appointment to executive team with Peter Blackburn added as Chief Executive Officer.


Elateral, a SaaS-based automated multi-channel marketing production platform based in Farnham, UK, has appointed Peter Blackburn, a founding partner and formerly the company’s Chief Technology Officer, as Chief Executive Officer.

John Elkins, Chairman of the Board, announced the appointment in an email to Elateral staff.  Peter Blackburn was one of the founders of Elateral just over twenty years ago and has been an active member of the executive team ever since, most recently serving as the Chief Technology Officer.

The email to staff is below:

From: John Elkins

To: All Employees

Date: 10 October 2017

Subject: New CEO Announced – Peter Blackburn

It is my pleasure to announce that the Board has appointed Peter Blackburn as CEO of Elateral, effective immediately. 

In his 20 years since founding Elateral, Peter has continuously shown that he has a great ability to connect with what is going on in our market. Now more than ever we need to innovate with our customers to deliver great products and services in a cooperative and connected way.  His strength at building relationships with clients, vendors and our team makes him the perfect choice to lead Elateral.

 Originally trained as a computer scientist, Peter has also developed a strong business background, guiding Elateral’s many world-leading products from idea to reality, and working with diverse teams and operations around the world.  I am confident that with the full support of the Board, Peter will build and lead a first-class executive team to take Elateral to the next level of success.

“It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with the team and customers at Elateral, and I am thrilled to be so involved in driving the future direction of the company.  I wish to thank the Board for their ongoing support and I am looking forward to working with our customers, partners and everyone here to bring even more success to our shared future.”

— Peter Blackburn

It’s an exciting time to be here at Elateral, with great growth prospects for the company and you personally.  We are all so excited about what we can achieve together.  I have personally been involved in this company almost since the beginning and I am looking forward to seeing more of what I love about it – the spirit, perseverance, passion and culture that makes us such a great team.

 Thanks for your ongoing support and for making us the best.

 John Elkins


Elateral is a SaaS-based automated multi-channel marketing production platform, that enables market users to localize and transcreate content on-demand, saving time and money, and protects brand integrity by allowing users to selectively edit and use pre-approved images and content.  Elateral’s clients include Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Hilton Worldwide, Nestle and other leading global brands.

Elateral’s powerful content management and access control tools make it easy to manage what users can see and access, enabling them to quickly pinpoint exactly what they need, and ensuring that the right content always goes to the right market.

Elateral’s Mission Statement is: To empower every organization to automate the production of integrated multi-channel marketing campaigns, quickly, accurately and cost-effectively, while safeguarding valuable brand equity.


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