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“Fortune does favor the bold and you’ll never know what you’re capable of if you don’t try.” – Sheryl Sandberg

Claire Devereux

Chief Marketing Officer
Director of Sales, UK & Europe

Having spent most of her career in advertising and marketing, working with Elateral’s clients and teams to help build software that improves marketing ROI is a natural fit for Claire.

During her time at Elateral, Claire has been involved in most areas of the business, from client management to running the template development team to leading product demonstrations, which has perfectly positioned her to lead Elateral’s marketing efforts and be the connection between users and product.   Claire’s passion for the product is one of the main advantages that she brings to this role.

Day to day responsibility

Day to day, Claire works with our partner marketing and public relations agencies to spread the word about Elateral’s products and company news.  Claire runs all aspects of marketing, from sales collateral to social media.  Claire also has responsibility for strategy and execution of sales for the UK and Europe.

Career History

Before working at Elateral, Claire ran an award-winning digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and before that was in media sales in both television and radio in the United States.  She first started at Elateral as Senior Global Account Director for Coca-Cola, a post that she held for three years, followed by Director of Content Services, where she ran the template development team.

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